If Formula 1 does not change, it will disappear, warns Sebastian Vettel

DPA Agency Berlin / 12.10.2021 09:42:50 The German driver Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin) has pointed out t

DPA Agency

Berlin / 12.10.2021 09:42:50

The German driver () has pointed out that has the opportunity to be “more ecological without losing the spectacle or the passion” and has warned that, if he does not take measures in this sense, “it could disappear”.

“Formula 1 is not green, no question, but we live in an age where we have the technology and the possibilities to make it greener without losing the show or the passion. There are debates right now about the future of Formula. 1. That would be important. Otherwise, I am not optimistic. If nothing changes, Formula 1 could disappear “, Vettel warned in statements to ‘Neuen Osnabruecker Zeitung’.

As for his future when his sports career ends, the 34-year-old four-time world champion acknowledged that he will not be driving “for 10 years” https://www.milenio.com/deportes//. “Of course I’m thinking about what will come after Formula 1. The easiest thing would be to become a reporter for a television station and stay in the same place as now for the next few years, but I don’t see myself doing that, “he valued.