“If I fall, he will pick me up and continue” – Nueva Mujer

By Rosmelin DelgadoNovember 16, 2021 at 12:57 p.m.Daniella Álvarez has proven to be a strong and courageous woman, which is why many see her as a

November 16, 2021 at 12:57 p.m.

Daniella Álvarez has proven to be a strong and courageous woman, which is why many see her as a clear example of improvement and inspiration. Former Miss Colombia lost part of her left leg after undergoing complicated surgery.

“I want to share with you my new version, I love my body the same as before, I am happy to be here in this world to overcome all the challenges that come in my new life,” he wrote in an Instagram post along with a photo after the amputation .

And as he assured at that time, he has shown: he has continued with his life as normally as possible and with the best attitude, he has overcome all challenges. Little by little, the 33-year-old woman has resumed the activities that she previously carried out. With the help of various prosthetics you can walk, swim, run and even exercise as recently demonstrated in a post.

Daniella Álvarez shares video practicing boxing and exercising

Daniella Álvarez drew applause by posting a video on her Instagram profile where she appears boxing and exercising. In addition, the famous one shared a reflection and motivated her followers to exercise.

“If I fall, he picks me up and continues. If I can, you can do more and better, there are no excuses, you are your own driving force. Come on, team, ”he started saying in the publication that so far it has 598 thousand reproductions.

In addition, she dedicated a few words to her coach, who also supports her when she falls in the middle of the exercises. “To you, Ignacio Alfonso, thank you for giving your best every day to train me, you are a CRACK. Although I don’t know where you were looking, you didn’t catch me in the fall, ”said Álvarez.

And finally, Daniel Arenas’ partner said: “Also tell me if my prosthesis is not a beauty. He lets me do everything ”. Immediately, hundreds of users reacted to the video and the model’s words.

“You are getting better and better … things that we couldn’t do before and look at you now. I am very proud of you beautiful ”,“ let’s go champion ”,“ you are a true beauty in every way and a great example ”and“ you are absolutely wonderful ”, were some of the messages from her fans.

The presenter revealed unpublished details of her amputation

A few days ago, the Barranquilla revealed new details about the hard episode she experienced after losing part of her limb in conversation with the program El Gordo and La Flaca. The presenter assured that it was a very strong emotional shock to know that she was not going to be able to walk normally.

“Every day I would get up and say, ‘Is this a dream or is this real?’ Every day he opened his eyes, he looked at me and said: ‘Yes, it will be me?’

In the same way, Daniella Álvarez explained that “when I came out of that first operation, all my buttocks were necrotic. My glutes were black and my foot was already black. He also explained that when he left the clinic his emotions were running high.

“Having been at the clinic for so long, the emotional issue began to get complicated. You cry, then you are happy, then you are very sad and then you do not know what is wrong with you ”, he sentenced.

In the interview he also detailed the things that he cannot do like before. “I can’t dance champeta, I can’t run unless I put on the running prosthesis and I can’t run for more than two minutes,” he said.