If Mexico went to the World Cup with boxers?

The most recent game of the Mexican soccer team makes it clear that the level of this team will hardly give different results than those of the pa

The most recent game of the Mexican soccer team makes it clear that the level of this team will hardly give different results than those of the past 7 World Cups, where “El Tri” has stayed in the round of 16, World Cup after the World Cup, let’s say Mexico from there does not passand we corroborate that after the shameful 3-0 against Uruguay, in Phoenix, where by the way nearly 60,000 countrymen were “robbed”, the red lights came on, or rather, in a good “Mexican”, the “red” lights.

In the country of the nopal and the taco, in addition to many incredible issues in every sense, which only happen in Mexico, there is one of the greatest contradictions; as the great writers Alejandro Rosas and Julio Patán would say, that he has nothing of “Patán”, only in “México Bizarro”, he is given more support for football than boxingwith a League that does not win anything at the international level and a Major National Team that does not give one and has not won anything in 16 World Cup opportunities and in contrast to Mexican boxing at home, read Mexico, the boxers and the bofe in In general, which are literally in boxing the equivalent of Brazil and Germany in soccer, they are not supported by even 10 percent, compared to “soccer”, do not be scared when reading or listening to “soccer”, with jiribilla included I remind you How is it going with the Selection of the stars and stripes, read the USA TEAM, even of them we are clients, with the “two to zero”.

We will never know why, at the hour of the hour, the Mexican national teams get smaller and the Mexican boxers get bigger.

The historical results in boxing are there, in fact, today, the one who moves the ticket in world boxing, was born in Guadalajara, is notoriously shorter than all his rivals and never, but never, have we heard him claim something with these well-known and sadly famous phrases such as: “It wasn’t a penalty”, “They were very big and they ate us in a fixed ball”, “They play in Europe and we don’t”, etcetera, etcetera.

Mexican boxing has shown that poorly fed, emerged from extreme poverty, in unequal conditions, in countries that did not even know they existed, against all odds, without knowing the language and in countless cases, tricked into losing , the Aztec warriors, always raffle it off and do not roll around in the grass at the first brush begging for a red card and the most important thing is that they do not care how “steep the mountain is”, the Mexican boxers are dispatched to whoever , how and where.

The mexican fighter He beats anyone they put in front of him: big guys, favorites, ugly, pretty, with claw, with a lot of yolk, egg white and shell and sometimes with everything against him, including those with long pants, the same ones that add up the cards in an unlikely way, but not even that is enough, to defeat the pride and hunger to be with which a Mexican boxer climbs the string.

It would be necessary to analyze and at the same time copy the Mexican boxing model, and with this inject some pride and a winning attitude into the gray Mexican soccer, which, by the way, is directed by an Argentine, its striker, could surely have elements naturalized, before historical Mexican scorers, such as “El Chicharito”, or people of the stature of Hugo Sánchez on the bench.

The question is: With more than 130 million Mexicans in Mexico and another few million around the world, will there not be a director Mexican technician?

I can’t imagine Mexican boxing without Arturo “El Cuyo” Hernández, without Don Nacho Beristain and without Eddy Reynoso, surely Mexico, not only raffles it in the ring, but also in the corners.

Hopefully, although it sounds close to the impossible, the time in the media is even, although even so, it would not be even, because in boxing Mexico is the benchmark worldwide and in soccer, we are entertainers, with such ridiculous goals , like only aspiring to the fifth game.

I close by recalling the wise words of Jorge Valdano: “The difference between Argentine soccer and Mexican soccer is that Argentines believe they are much more than they are and Mexicans believe they are much less than they are.”

If Mexico had the mentality of the historical boxing world champions at the World Cup in Qatar, what would happen?