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03/10/2022 at 06:30 EST

03/10/2022 at 06:30


When Joan Laporta got down to work to rebuild a Barça that was mortally wounded, he set his goal on . Some were suspicious of cost of the signing, others suspected that he might not succeed because he had already played his hundred best games with Bayern, others doubted because of the forward’s advanced age and most of us thought that the Pole was a differential player, but that he would not mark the big difference you are making. We were wrong. ‘Lewy’ is being absolutely decisive. His movements recall the elegance of Van Basten, the Nureyev of the area; his first touch evokes the forcefulness that Hugo Sánchez had, the guy who scored the goal; his magic recalls the records of Ronaldo, the shooting star who fell in love with the Camp Nou; his power exceeds that of Luis Suárez in his ‘prime’; and his effectiveness surpasses even the sleepy tiger claws that Romario used to give. Lewandowski, a long nine soul, is a striker the top of a pine and three fir trees. A vintage footballer. He is called to conquer the heart of the culé and become, on his own merits, one of those players who transcend the history of their teams. Barça paid 45 million euros plus 5 in variables for his transfer, but that amount is a real pittance seeing its performance. In terms of money, ‘Lewy’ has shown that what is expensive is always cheap. His numbers are crazy: he already has twelve goals in nine games. He has achieved nine goals in the League, a competition in which he is the top solo scorer. In fact, Lewandowski, alone, has scored more goals, twelve, than all Barça players together (eleven) in the first nine games of last season. His statistics, in full swing of two authentic monsters like Mbappé and Haaland, are a savage: one of every two shots by ‘Lewy’ ends in a goal and his balance so far this season is 1.3 goals per game. The Barça number ‘9’ has chained six League games looking at the door. The coaches say that there are three types of strikers: the normal ones, who live on that hard drug that is the goal; the good ones, who are authentic effectiveness junkies; and the cracks, who are the strikers who score goals out of nowhere. In Mallorca, Lewandowski found a ball, created a space that did not exist, accommodated the ball with a heel, assembled the leg and sent it to storage by hitting the ball at the base of the post. Out of nowhere, a goal. Work of art, game to the sack and three gold points. In the middle of the Barça collective blackout, it was the light in the dark room. Conclusion: a little bit of universal polish is a lot. Moral: If you like , you like Robert Lewandowski.