Iker Fernndez has boxing in his blood

to early summer, Iker Fernandez (Etxebarri, October 31, 2000) had just come home from training and was in the shower. He received a video call f

to early summer, (Etxebarri, October 31, 2000) had just come home from training and was in the shower. He received a video call from his brother Jon, professional boxer and champion of Spain, the world junior and Silver and Europe of the super featherweight. “It seemed very strange to me,” evokes the etxebarritarra. He asked him if he was sitting down. “He told me that he had spoken with Óscar Zardaín, manager of MaravillaBox, that they signed me So what I was going to debut with them as a professional “remembers Iker. The joy was such that she began to dance in the bathroom at home, with the towel wrapped around her waist. Jon was laughing from the other side of the camera. “I was blown away,” acknowledges Fernández. The payment ensogado was something that had been around the Biscayan for some time: “I told my brother that I wanted to take the leap. I had also discussed it with my coaches: José Baena, Javi Vaquero and Jon Kepa Yebra. In the last three fights my rival fell and I wanted to evolve. “” I think this type of is good for me, because in the amateur I did not exploit my punch. I am a strong fighter, but I did a more defensive boxing, touch and go. Now, I have to be more settled in the ring. You are going to notice that strength, “Iker explains.

In this way, Iker Fernández opens on September 25 in Valdemoro (Madrid) before Elkhan Bairamov (1-14) – “a Russian boy, resident in Alicante, quite strong”, recites – in a billboard in which Sergio Maravilla Martínez and Ángel Moreno will be Juan Hinostroza is measured for the belt of the European Flyweight Championship. Although will debut as a supermedia, the idea is to settle in the medium (72.5 kilograms), because “I don’t give the super welter a joke”. Iker is tall, heavyset and with a powerful physique. “I have strong legs, which is not usually very normal among fighters“, defines. It is inherited from his childhood in Santutxu football.

Among the objectives they enter “in a medium term, of a year and a half or two, to do the Spanish Championship of my division” and “try to reach fifteen or sixteen fights and try to rank on European lists to contest the continental champion belt in around five or six years.” It is clear to him. It is ambitious. Goals are necessary to evolve.

The etxebarritarra He started in the ring when he saw his brother. The poison was already coursing through his veins. “Jon started boxing when he was fourteen or fifteen years old and I took the opportunity to train too. He would be eight or nine. At that time, he played soccer at Santutxu and the days that he had no training he did boxing. The first year of cadets I broke my ankle ligaments, I started rehab and started to focus more in the ring, then I didn’t feel like playing soccer anymore. That same year I won the Spanish Championship “, Iker reels. And he no longer got off the canvas. Boxing is in the . Not in vain, his brother is one of his “references”, along with the outstanding Canelo. In fact, the young boxer’s water dog is nicknamed Saúl Álvarez. For now, Jon has already given you some valuable advice: “Be patient”. “He has had a bad time with the fights that fall and the rivals that change. Professional boxing is like that. I have to get excited, but not too much,” he says. Asked about the possibility of the two Etxebarri brothers sharing the billboard, Iker is clear: “Hopefully. It would be impressive for me, and if it were in , better.”


Iker Fernández, what gives boxing classes at the Elite JT Taldea gym in Etxebarri, question that combines with his facet as a neo-professional athlete, prepares his career in BilboBoxing – “I have blind trust in my people: Baena, Vaquero, Yebra …”, he says -, although for a couple of weeks he traveled to Madrid to see Jon, whom he had not visited for a long time due to covid-19. There he had the opportunity to exercise alongside Maravilla, one of the greats. “At the age of eight I had a Sergio Martínez shirt. I went everywhere with it. Now in Madrid I have shared a dressing room with him. Imagine what it means to me. Being tired, I would throw my rectum with my forward hand, which was dynamite. of series “, weeds Iker.

Regarding training, the etxebarritarra has shared sparring with Adrián Torres, Jimmy Lera, Guillermo Rivero or Jhon Jader Obregón. “I am with the typical pains, tired and loaded. I have been training since I was nine years old waiting for this moment. The training sessions are heavy, because we fight more rounds. The idea is to prepare not only this fight, but also those that They come. There is a lot of accumulation of blows and the body suffers. With motivation, everything is overcome “, declares the fighter, who defines himself as” ready “when it comes to seeing the blows and with a” strong “forward hand, which crystallizes in a powerful left straight.

“I wish I shared the billboard with my brother. It would be impressive for me, and if it were in Bilbao, better”

“Jon started boxing when he was 14 or 15 years old and I took the opportunity to train; he would be 8 or 9.”

iker Fernández