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Pablo Alejandro Rondón | @PablinhooAlee CARACAS. Something that was common in practically all editions of Formula 1 is that the champ

Pablo Alejandro Rondón | @PablinhooAlee

CARACAS. Something that was common in practically all editions of is that the champion driver displayed the number “1” as the number of his vehicle, a fact that occurred frequently until 2015, when Lewis Hamilton was the defending monarch of the category in that Then he preferred to use the “44”, but in 2022 it will return from the hand of .

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The numbering rules varied for the 2014 season and gave priority to the driver choosing his digits, instead of being ordered by the sporting results of last season, which then governed which number each vehicle should use, except for the champion who could use the “1” even if he changed teams.

Then, the Englishman was anchored to “44”, despite winning in 2014 and 2015, while for 2016, after the championship of Nico Rosberg, it was expected that this would change for 2017, but the retirement of the German for that contest prevented that the “1” came back.

Verstappen and the “1”

But, the scepter obtained by the Dutch in this 2021 gave him the possibility to choose his number, and instead of staying with his usual “33”, which he uses since he debuted with Toro Rosso seven harvests ago, he will use the “1” in his Red Bull in 2022.

He had said it before, but finally the announcement was made two days after being crowned in the premier category of motorsport, after beating Hamilton by eight points, after winning the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

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Now, Verstappen’s “1” and Sergio Pérez’s “11” will be the ones that will be displayed by the next cars of the Austrian team, which now instead of being known as “energetic” or “Red Bulls”, will be the “111” .

The last time a Red Bull used the “1” was in 2014, after the four-time championship obtained a calendar ago by Sebastian Vettel. That was his last season with that team.