“Indycar is much more exciting”

Published: Tuesday, October 19, 2021 17:5

Formula 1 or Indycar? The motor world is torn between the two main competitions. Emerson Fittipaldi, legend precisely of both, is very clear that he stays with the second.

This was explained in statements to ‘GMM’: “What the Indycar is doing is fantastic and much more exciting to see than any other category. It is better than F1.”

In a conversation he had with McLaren boss Zak Brown, he expressed his enthusiasm for this category: “Sometimes the races are too late for us to see them, but my son goes crazy watching them, he loves it. it’s freaking out. “

Fittipaldi achieved two F1 titles and two victories in the Indianapolis 500. So two categories that you know well and are more than qualified to talk about.

F1 is trying to change its model with the new rules that will take effect from next season. The objective is to return to equality and increase the importance of the driver on his car. Something that precisely does happen in the Indycar.