INFOGRAPHIC: How much is Salvadoran soccer priced?

The teams and players of the League of El Salvador in the international soccer market, according to the quotes of the specialized sit

The teams and of the League of El Salvador in the international market, according to the quotes of the specialized site . Alianza is by far the highest value, followed by FAS and Santa Tecla

The specialized site Transfermarkt is the web leader in quotes for players and teams in the world of football. Far from the big stars and lightsMbappe is today the most valuable player in the world, priced at 185 million dollars), the portal also makes quotes in Central American football.

CANCHA surveyed all the listed players in the Salvadoran First Division with some surprising data.

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Alianza is by far the most valuable team in El Salvador ($ 4.01 million), with 18 listed players. The counterpart are Platense, Metapán and Jocoro, teams that do not even reach 10% of the value of the albo and that only have one player listed in the entire squad.

It is worth noting that this ranking changes periodically due to the changes of players in each team and the price changes. For example, Tecla had a higher value with his former Mexican goalkeeper Jesús Dautt (who is priced at 290 thousand dollars) and Limeño also lowered his value with the exits of foreigners Eisner Noboa, Oswal Álvarez and Robinson Aponzá.

Among the players, the Colombian from Alianza, Duvier Riascos leads the league table of players, followed by the Mexican from Deportivo 11, Dieter Vargas, and the Uruguayan from Tecla, Fabricio Silva. The best-priced players on Transfermarkt are three albos: Óscar Cerén, Chicho Orellana and Flaco Mancía.

Narciso Orellana (1-L), Isaac Portillo (2-L) and Michell Mercado (R) congratulate Rodolfo Zelaya after Alianza’s winning goal. Photo EDH / Jonatan Funes

The League of El Salvador has a price close to 2 million dollars, a valuation very similar to the league of Panama. Much higher they appear today Honduras (20 million) and Costa Rica (54 million).

Some data that can determine the market value of a player are the previous transfers, age of the player and his future potential and current performance in clubs and / or national teams. In some cases, the institutional situation of the club to which it belongs, physical condition and regularity in the face of injuries can also influence.