Interlagos, close to deciding the 2021 Formula 1 season

On the weekend the Interlagos circuit it was full of controversy and emotion. There are not a few people who assure that the Brazilian Grand Pri

On the weekend the it was full of controversy and emotion. There are not a few people who assure that the Brazilian Grand Prix it is always accompanied by a special vibe; many episodes seem to confirm this assertion. The performance of This weekend seems to confirm the above and was close to having been decisive in the fight for the drivers’ championship.

Disqualification for DRS and racing car in the . Lewis Hamilton’s weekend began with a coup of authority as he dominated the qualifying session, but was almost immediately overshadowed by the open investigation against him. The worst forecasts came true and the champion was disqualified from the session, condemning him to start the race Sprint in the last place.

The Sprint race was a demonstration of what to expect for Sunday’s GP. Starting last, Hamilton finished in 5th place and the only thing that stopped him was the 24-lap limit of the race. . In addition to the 5 positions of penalty for replacement of the power unit, the champion was ready to load with everything Sunday from the middle of the grid.

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Victoria with authority. Partly because of the new power unit, but also thanks to the car’s performance and his talent as a driver, Hamilton delivered a coup of authority and won the Brazilian Grand Prix. It is true that a large part of the passes were made on the main straight with the help of the DRS, but we cannot deny that we are witnessing a driver who is historical by mere statistics.

The duel with Verstappen was worthy of two championship contenders, while Sergio Pérez can boast of two achievements during the GP. Not only did he take the fastest lap of the race, he was the only driver to pass Hamilton during the race. The pleasure did not last long, but that little battle reminded us of the duel they had in Turkey.

Three and we go. We are only three Grands Prix from the end of the season. Due to the characteristics of the circuits, one would expect Hamilton victories in Qatar and Saudi Arabia, so Verstappen will have to do his best to reach the last round tied with the champion. So much What They will be key in this final stretch of the championship. The Bottas thing will be for mere pride, taking into account that he will not continue with Mercedes, while the Mexican will continue with those of Milton Keynes for one more season. It’s now or never.