International Soccer: Mexicans who have descended in Europe

The mexican soccer He lives a bittersweet moment, because just as Javier Aguirre achieved his salvation with Mallorca from Spain, d

The mexican soccer He lives a bittersweet moment, because just as achieved his salvation with Mallorca from Spain, defender Johan Vázquez lost the category in Italy with Genoa from Serie A.

Because of this, we will list here what all of them have been. Mexican players who have suffered a decline in football from the old continent.

Sabino Aguirre, Sands of Getxo (1934-1935)

The first relegation of a Mexican in Europe was in the very distant 1935, the year when Sabino Aguirre lost the category in Spain with the modest Arenas de Guecho club.

This Basque club played the first seven seasons of The leaguebut since its decline more than eight decades ago has no longer been able to return to the highest competition of Spanish soccer.

Jose Luis Borbolla, Deportivo La Coruna (1944-1945)

José Luis Borbolla is remembered for his time at Real Madrid, but also for having descended with the Sporting La Coruna in the also distant season of 1944-1945.

With the Galician team Borbolla he scored four goals in 10 games, but it was not enough to save this team.

Hugo Sanchez, Rayo Vallecano (1993-1994)

Hugo Sanchez He has been the best striker in our country in European football, but we can also remember the former attacker of the Pumas and Real Madrid for his relegation with Rayo Vallecano.

It was in 1994 when the “pentapichichi” lost the category with the Vallecas team before returning to Mexican soccer to play with Atlante.

Miguel Layun, Atalanta (2009-2010)

In those years where “It was all Layún’s fault”the Mexican had a fleeting stint at Atalanta in Italy, a team where he barely played 33 minutes spread over a total of two Serie A games.

To his misfortune, that was enough for the now America player to be part of the squad that was relegated in 2010.

Andres Guardado, Deportivo La Coruna (2010-2011)

It seems that Deportivo La Coruña does not sit well with the Mexican players, since the Galician club has not relegated with one, but with two national players: Bourbon and .

Depor was the first club of the “Little Prince” in Europe, and to his misfortune he could do little to keep those from Galicia from losing the category in 2011.

Pablo Barrera, West Ham (2010-2011)

The 2010-2011 season was one of contrasts for Mexico in the English Premier League, because while Javier “Chicharito” Hernández lived his best moments with Manchester United, Pablo Barrera consummated his relegation with the West Ham.

After this bitter experience with the London team, the Pumas youth squad left for Zaragoza in Spain, a club where he met Javier Aguirre and Efraín Juárez.

Giovani Dos Santos, Majorca (2012-2013)

At the time Giovani managed to be one of the greatest promises of European football, however, his career came to a halt in the old continent and he even went through very complicated situations such as relegation with Mallorca in 2013. In this way, a Mexican He was part of the vermilion team that relegated after 15 years in the first division.

Guillermo Ochoa Ajaccio (2013-2014)

Ochoa will go down in history as the first Mexican goalkeeper to play in Europe, but he will also do so for being the first national goalkeeper to descend on the old continent.

After earning critical acclaim for his performances under the Ajaccio bow, Ochoa was unable to prevent his club from losing its place in Ligue 1 in 2014.

Raúl Gudiño, Madeira Union (2015-2016)

Two years after Ochoa, Raúl Gudiño also joined the list of relegated goalkeepers, as the now Chivas goalkeeper he lost the category with Uniao Madeira, from Portugal, a club with which he even came to be accused of alleged match-fixing, something that could never be verified.

Guillermo Ochoa, Grenada (2016-2017)

Guillermo Ochoa did not descend one, but twice during his time in Europe, Well, after three years of his first stumble in France, the Mexican goalkeeper experienced a new blow when he lost the category with Granada from Spain in 2017.

Antonio Briseño, Feirense (2018-2019)

“Pollo” is one of the last Mexicans relegated in Europe, since in 2019 the now defender of Chivas could not prevent the fall of Feirense in Portuguese football. With this club, the youth squad from Atlas managed to consecrate himself as a starter by playing more than 30 commitments, which aroused the interest of the Flock to repatriate it to Liga MX.

Javier Aguirre, Leganés (2019-2020)

During 2020 Javier Aguirre became the first Mexican strategist to be relegated in European football, because in a dramatic way he lost the category with the pepineros del Leganés.

Two years away from that moment, right now the “Vasco” lives a different reality having saved Mallorca on his return to football on the old continent.

Johan Vazquez, Genoa (2021-2022)

The Mexican defender and Olympic medalist in Tokyo 2020 recently joined this list of national soccer players relegated in Europe, since the ex defender of Rayados and Pumas lost the category with Genoa of the Serie A of Italy.



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