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The province of Misiones is definitely one of the most attractive destinations in the country, and this is due to multiple reasons: the permanence

The province of Misiones is definitely one of the most attractive destinations in the country, and this is due to multiple reasons: the permanence of the warm climate, the variety of tourist sites, the wide biodiversity and the multiple investment opportunities.

Each of these characteristics is brought together today in San Ignacio Golf & Resort, the real estate project located in the town of San Ignacio -just 63 kilometers from the city of Posadas- that was launched a few months ago with a clear objective : ensure that owners can access their first home, weekend home or simply bet on an investment in a lot in full contact with the missionary nature, and with all the comforts available.

San Ignacio Golf & Resort.

According to Maicol Back, representative of the project, San Ignacio Golf & Resort has a total of 162 lots, whose measurements are between 500 and 1000m², and most of them have views towards what will be the attractive golf course.

The development land previously belonged to the Van Heden family, and a nursery with large plants operated there. That is why the property has a remarkable landscape and a particular vegetation that brings together native specimens and a huge variety of foreign species, such as magnolias, cypresses and a multiplicity of palm trees; which make this a unique place in the province.

There the idea is to preserve the natural environment, so the development contemplates each of the spaces that shelter the extensive vegetation, with the aim that owners and visitors can admire and enjoy it in its fullness.

But the residence or investment in the lots corresponds only to one of the edges of the project, since the development of other important works was also planned in the place: a beautiful 5-star Resort that will have 17 rooms with a privileged view of the countryside course, the first in the province of Misiones, which will have 9 holes par 3 (a type of course that is scarce within the country).

In addition, there will be a restaurant, a club house, tennis, paddle and soccer courts, and security 24 hours a day.

San Ignacio Golf & Resort.

“This is one of our most ambitious and attractive projects, which has already conquered investors from the interior of the country and foreign countries -such as Spain, Portugal, the United States-, who see in Misiones an opportunity to settle, not only as a tourist destination to live or to spend vacations, but also to develop diverse undertakings”, commented Maicol Back.

San Ignacio Golf & Resort.

Regarding the commercialization of the lottery, the representative explained that it is designed so that those interested can have a real investment opportunity, with very accessible prices that start at 18 thousand dollars, and 100% financing in up to 62 installments in pesos. .

Hand in hand with Concretar Construcciones, the development of different works has already been launched, assured Back:

“The completion of the project is planned for approximately 5 years, but our intention is that the hotel will be operational within three years. One of the most attractive points of the project is the implementation of a golf course in the province, which will provide another tourist attraction”.

San Ignacio Golf & Resort.

San Ignacio Golf & Resort.

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