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Irasel Parchement, fireproof in Cuban boxing

Las Tunas.- The boxer of Las TunasIrasel Parchemnet is one of the 26 applicants who will seek to join the Cuba Boxing team, which will participate in the World Championship to be held from October 26 to November 6 in Belgrade, capital of Serbia.

Parchement of the 63.5 kilograms has a difficult challenge to have in his same division the Olympic and world champion, Andy Cruz and this undoubtedly reduces his options.

Although the President of the Cuban Federation, Alberto Puig de la Barca, said that in the Cuban preselection there are seven attendees to the Tokyo Olympic Games and it will be necessary to confirm the good sporting form of each of them to attend the World Cup.

In addition, he said that in this event the 13 divisions will be trained and this will require readjustments and demands in the face of the team fight.

He also expressed that movements from one category to the other may be possible and that may be the possibility that Parchemnet may have of making the team if it shows its conditions and preparation.

Cuba will attend a previous training base in Uzbekistan from October 12 and after the World Championship it will intervene in the Portal del Mundo Tournament, in the city of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.

Shortlisted to the World Cup:

48: Billy Rodríguez (HAB)

51: Damián Arce (CAM) -Rolando Martínez (GTMO)

54: Yosvani Veitía (SS) -Erislan Romero (CFG)

57: Osvel Caballero (MAY) -Osvaldo Díaz (SS)

60: Lázaro Álvarez (PR) – Rafael Joubert (GTMO)

63.5 Andy Cruz (MAT) -Irasel Parchement (LTU)

67: Kevin Brown (CAM) -Jorge Moirán (GTMO)

71: Roniel Iglesias (PR) -Damián Lescay (CAM)

75: Yoenlis Feliciano Hernández (CAM) -Alex Mitchel Pérez (SS)

80: Arlen López (GTMO) -Yojanler Martínez (CAM) -Brayan León (PR)

86: Henrich Ruiz (IJV) -Raciel Poll (CAM)

92: Julio César la Cruz (CAM) -Jorge Luis Felimón (HAB)

+92: Danier Peró (CAM) -Carlos Castillo (HAB)

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