“It doesn’t matter if Verstappen is the leader …”

Published: Friday, October 15, 2021 17:31

Max Verstappen regained the World Cup lead in Turkey, but is losing defenders. There are already some voices in Formula 1 who believe that Lewis Hamilton is the top favorite to win his eighth world championship, with which he would surpass Michael Schumacher.

This has been stated by Jolyon Palmer, former Formula 1 driver, has agreed in ‘Talksport’: “You know what, for the first time this season I am beginning to think that maybe Lewis is the main favorite.”

“In fact, I think Verstappen can’t be happy about his career in Turkey. Yes, he achieved second place and has the championship lead, but he was no match for Valtteri Bottas. Hamilton, if he had from pole, that’s where he would be. qualified, I would have won just as easily, “he said.

He states that he is “concerned” about Red Bull’s performance: “Lewis has received his penalty for the engine change, he lost some points, that was practically a done thing, unless something remarkable happened that did not happen. But I am worried about Red Bull , because I can’t remember the last time they really showed a lot of rhythm. “

On the other hand, he explains which of the remaining circuits are better for each team: “I think the United States, Mexico and Sao Paulo could be better for Red Bull, but frankly I think the last three in the Middle East could be better for Mercedes. “.

And ends. “Even though Hamilton is behind in the championship, he is the strongest driver quite comfortably. He is going to be able to apply the pressure and really turn the screw in the Middle East races. Verstappen will have to fly in the next couple of races.”

They are only six points of difference between the two. Next stop, Austin, in a week … where Red Bull looks like it will be ahead.