“It is a desperate club with a debt of 1,200 million”

Published: Saturday, July 23, 2022 11:5

Barça is one of the clubs that is moving the most in the current transfer market. With the additions of Christensen and Kessie, who arrived at zero cost from Chelsea and Milan, the Catalans also added Raphinha and Lewandowski, at a cost that between them exceeds 100 million euros. Everything, despite a delicate financial situation.

One that they have ‘fixed’ with what have been called ‘levers’. Said system is allowing the Catalans to have some monetary relief to be able to face certain operations that would not have been possible without them.

However, they are not saving themselves from criticism. They came from Germany, due to the signing of Lewandowski, and now it is from the United Kingdom. He is Gary Neville, legend of Manchester United and the English national team, and an old acquaintance of the Valencia fans.

The player has criticized Barça’s ‘levers’ very harshly, and defines the Catalans as “a desperate club”.

“Barcelona is a desperate club with a debt of 1,200 million that sells future sources of income to spend on players,” he says.

And he continues: “All for the hope that it’s worth it. It’s like rolling the dice in a giant club.”

“It’s the reason why Barça continues with the idea of ​​the Superliga in their heads,” says the player on his Twitter.

The Catalans have now launched themselves for the signing of a central defender. The names that sound are those of Kounde and Iñigo Martínez.