“It is a new experience for the different neighbourhoods”

Germán commented that this initiative arose for all those who cannot go to CEPLA, so they decided to give boxing classes on Mondays and Fridays, starting at 8:00 p.m. at Playón de Villa Diamante. Is “a new option for neighborhood kids”, mentioned.

He also explained that today, at the sports level, there is a standstill due to the holidays, that is why “The idea is to get closer to the neighborhoods and that the boys have more opportunities to do more sports.” Silvina indicated that they maintain the same days, but there is also the possibility of “change neighborhoods”, so there you will see what days the classes will be given.

The idea is to move around Bolívar, “through the different neighborhoods and, the important thing, is that it is outdoors”, German added. As for the material, they themselves will take care of carrying everything that is needed. In addition, Silvina commented that they will both be giving the classes, so the groups will be divided by age.

“It is a new experience for the different neighbourhoods”, German said. He also said that because of the different activities, they know many of the boys. Some for different reasons could not get close to CEPLA and now they will be able to practice the sport.

Finally, Silvina reported that there is very little left to finish the railway shed and start classes there. His idea is to close everything and leave the ring armed in the middle. Also still standing arming the dining room. Anyone who wants to collaborate or donate utensils can call 2314 – 487413.

Benito Gramajo, Vanina.