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Italian soccer star evaded taxes; what is your penalty?

A Italian soccer star was found guilty of Evade taxes several years ago, so many wonder if his case deserves to go to jail or some other important sentence.

The footballer is who is a history within Calcio and current captain of Lazio, unfortunately could not get rid of the problems with the authorities of his country.

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The sad situation occurred a decade ago, when a young attacker passed from the ranks of Juventus to those of Genoa and among so many figures, there was one in which the player did not cover the due taxes.

The Italian must pay his punishment with the authorities. Instagram – Ciro Immobile

Cyrus Immobile He was found guilty by the Fifth Civil Section of the Supreme Court of evading the Personal Income Tax of his representative, the Italian Allesandro Moggi.

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The aforementioned not only participated in the operation by the footballer, since he also served as a lawyer for the purchasing team, for which the footballer would have to pay for his services

Throughout his trial, the player assured that he was not his representative at that time, however his efforts were in vain when he found him guilty of tax evasion.

The footballer won the European Championship with Italy. Instagram – Ciro Immobile

From their own club they issued a statement supporting their captain and assuring that he has been paying his pending taxes for several months to avoid a stronger sanction.

Fortunately for Cyrus Immobilewill have to be limited to pay off your debt with the treasury, so it will avoid a more serious punishment by the corresponding authorities.

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