its mandatory use is lifted

The Madrid Ministry of Health abolishes the use of a mandatory mask in federated football at the regional levelThe Madrid Football Federation asked

  • The Madrid Ministry of Health abolishes the use of a mandatory mask in federated football at the regional level

  • The Madrid Football Federation asked for this measure a long time ago and now it has been granted due to the decrease in the incidence of Covid

Isabel Díaz Ayuso continues with her policy of lifting the bans. A few days ago nightlife stopped having a reduced closing time and the capacity was expanded and now it does so with sports, specifically with football. The Ministry of Health has decided remove the obligation to wear the mask during the dispute of federated matches of autonomic scope.

This measure has been applauded by both the Madrid Football Federation (RFFM) and the Association of Spanish Footballers (AFE). After showing its satisfaction, the RFFM highlighted that for months it has discussed with the the COVID-19 Prevention protocol for the 2021-2022 season and that agreed with AFE “to propose a reduction in the restrictions that directly affect outdoor sports, which had as a priority the possibility of eliminating the mandatory of the mask.”

“Now, when the incidence of infections presents the lowest data in recent months is when the opportunity has arisen to raise these options that in the end have been taken into account by the competent authorities,” he said.

The agency insisted that “it has always maintained the same attitude of strict compliance with health regulations”, with the health of the federated as a priority, and that “it has been demonstrated once again that teamwork and common strategic action plan has more benefits that unfounded individual criticisms or unilateral actions and decisions out of place “.

The AFE also recalled that, given the improvement in incidence, it had proposed to the Ministry of Health, in consensus with the RFFM, that the use of mask in the parties outside “recommended” and remain as mandatory in closed spaces, benches and group meetings.

“The health of the members and affiliates is a fundamental issue for the association, as it is also that they carry out their work in the best possible conditions,” said the union, which will proceed in the same way in the Region of Murcia and in the community. of the Canary Islands, where they still maintain the mandatory use of a mask in federated soccer matches at the regional level.

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