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It’s not just football: Sergio Ramos and his great passion outside the ball

After years working for Real Madrid, made the determination to undertake new adventures within his professional career. Today, the Spaniard defends the shirt and seeks to make his legend in this club even bigger. Meanwhile, in his spare time, the celebrity has a hobby that catches him completely.

The former Sevilla footballer has art collections with a high market value in his various residences. His passion for this activity is so great that Sergio Ramos hired the services of a specialist in the plastic arts to give him advice when buying works and creating a museum on his properties.

Sergio Ramos has more than 50 million followers on Instagram

While your house is filled with art, Sergio Ramos continues with his mind set on what will be the future of his sporting life within France. After obtaining each trophy that he proposed with Real Madrid, his great goal from now on will be to leave his mark on this important institution in the old continent.

The challenge that Sergio Ramos outlined

In just a few months, the best national teams on the planet will play the 2022 Qatar World Cup, one of the most important competitions in the world of . Hundreds of players will seek to make the necessary merits to be part of this event and the Spanish is one of them. In this sense, its central objective was revealed this season.

Sergio Ramos arrived at PSG in 2021

Some information that arises in the environment of Sergio Ramos They indicate that the footballer intends to improve his level at PSG and, in this way, arouse the interest of Luis Enrique. There is no doubt that the participation of the famous in this group can be of vital importance to provide the necessary amount of experience to his teammates.

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