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James Harden, improvement with Brooklyn Nets and NBA statistics

The waters are still very choppy and unforeseen events continue to arise inevitably, preventing Steve Nash and his coaching staff from working in an orderly manner to provide the team with a specific style and well-defined automatisms and rotation. Talent can do anything and that is what causes New Yorkers to continue dominating the noble zone of the Eastern Conference, but everyone is aware that this is not the way to win a ring since the best of the team will arrive very tired and missing effective. In the midst of this situation, He is giving the most positive note in recent times, by re-enlisting at his best level and showing that he is ready to lead the team.

Durant’s overexertion and Irving’s absence forced Harden to step up sooner or later, and he seems determined to do so. He has had a hard time adapting to the new foul rules promoted by the NBA, which has reduced his offensive impact by going to the free throw line much less, but a superstar of his caliber always finds new ways to score. He is achieving it in recent games, where he has always exceeded 20 points, but in which he is also making his teammates play, bending balls with enormous clairvoyance and finding a way to have a positive impact on the team.

Harden is already the player who has missed the most triples in NBA history

On the contrary, the enormous prominence that he has always treasured in his sports career causes him to appear on a black list, such as that of players with the most failed triples. It is not so black if we look at the men who top the podium with him, since they are consummate scorers in the history of the league. The Brooklyn Nets shooting guard has been the sole reference for his teams throughout most of his career and, although he now amasses less ball, he still has a high volume of shot that has led to the passing of Ray Allen and Jamal Crawford.

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