Javier Reyes puts Colombia on the MMA map

Miami, FL– Javier “Blair” Reyes (12-3) put Colombia on the Mixed Martial Arts map by defeating former champion Luis “Iron Tiger” Gomez (9-5) by TKO

Miami, FL– Javier “Blair” Reyes (12-3) put Colombia on the Mixed Martial Arts map by defeating former champion Luis “Iron Tiger” Gomez (9-5) by TKO in the first round at 4:42.
Reyes and Gomez were the main event of the CG2022 fight card May 20: Gomez vs. Reyes.

Reyes, who is enjoying a four-fight win streak, defeated Gomez, who has notable wins over Sodiq Yusuff and has competed against Herbert Burns and Chase Hooper. Gomez won a title in another promotion.

The fight was held at 145 pounds, but Gomez put on a few pounds, but that didn’t make a difference to Reyes, who seemed to be in trouble in the opening minutes of the fight. Gomez entered the pocket and dropped Reyes with his favorite judo throw, the ippon seoi nage. He then used his hold to control the fight and attempted an armbar, however Reyes was able to escape.

Reyes was quickly able to slow Gomez down, placing him on his back in full mount and ground and pounded himself to victory.

For Reyes, this was an opportunity to put Colombia on the mma map. He did all of his training in his native South American country. An emotional Reyes celebrated his victory inside the cage with a surprise visit from his family.

In the co-main event, Melissa Gomez (1-0) stunned Jharely Reyes (0-1) by hosting a boxing clinic.

Gómez defeated Reyes by unanimous decision.

Reyes, coming in as the favorite after many successes at the amateur level, was met with great footwork and quick combinations that left the youngster stumped.

Throughout the fight, Gomez landed some great combinations and quickly pulled away. Reyes made about two takedown attempts but to no avail.

In a featured flyweight bout, Ernesto Ibarra (7-1) defeated Pablo Caballero (8-9) by unanimous decision.

The fight started off slow with both fighters testing each other. However, Ibarra’s foot technique and counterpunching were enough to impress the judges.

It wasn’t until the second round that Caballero switched gears and focused on damaging Ibarra’s lead leg. Although he was bruised, Ibarra overcame the damage and won the fight.


Jose Zarauz defeated Jordan Espinosa at 4:19 of the second round via kill leon submission.

Jimmy Sandlin defeated Ivan Castillo by decision unanimous.

Ernesto Ibarra defeated Pablo Caballero by decision unanimous.

Melissa Gomez defeated Jharley Reyes by decision unanimous.

Javier Reyes defeated Luis Gomez via TKO at 4:42 in the first round.