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He amasses a fortune, has eight Oscars for special effects, created the Michael Jackson hologram, is a soccer fanatic, and in August bought 18% of

He amasses a fortune, has eight Oscars for special effects, created the Michael Jackson hologram, is a soccer fanatic, and in August bought 18% of the Crystal Palace. This is John Textor, who yesterday resumed negotiations to buy 25% of Benfica, which would entail a disbursement of 31 million euros.

The first approach of Textor with Benfica took place through the businessman José António dos Santos, known in Portugal as “El rey del frango (chicken)”, from whom he wanted to buy a total of 5,750,000 shares, that is, 25% of society.

However, by then, last July, both dos Santos and Vieira had already been arrested and charged with different crimes of corruption, with, allegedly, serious damage to both the Portuguese State and Benfica, among other entities.

The operation did not go ahead, since Rui Costa, vice president with Vieira who assumed the position of interim president after his resignation, decided to stop the sale until the new board of directors was defined.

And it was on Thursday when the long-awaited meeting was held at the request of the American investor and philanthropist, which could mean the landing of Jonh Textor in Portuguese football and an important starting point to catapult the Benfica brand.

For now, there has already been a first meeting and in a next step, as reported by the Portuguese club, Text will communicate its intentions with Benfica, so that the management can analyze them.


On his Twitter account he has more than 13 million followers, many more than the vast majority of footballers in the main European leagues.

A philanthropist who bets on soccer academies, such as FC Florida, and who has also made a niche for himself in the television platform industry through “fuboTV”, which specializes in live broadcasting, especially sporting events. .

His media zenith has been reached with his Los Angeles company Digital Domain, which created the special effects for “Titanic”, “The strange case of Benjamin Button” (4 Oscar) or others such as “Armageddon”, “The Fight Club “or” Deadpool “.

Forges magazine has defined him as “Hollywood’s virtual reality guru”, especially because of the surprise caused by the hologram he created of rapper Tupac Shakur, murdered in Los Angeles in 1996 and “brought to life” in 2012 to appear virtually at the ‘Coachella Valley’ music festival.

Later, in 2014, his company developed the Michael Jackson hologram at the ‘Billboard’ awards.


His first attack in European football took place last August, when the acquisition of shares in John Textor was made public, which months before had already sounded like an investor in the Benfica joint-stock company.

Some English media published last summer that Textor tried to acquire the entire club, although it finally acquired 18% of the shareholding, a package similar to that held by the club’s president, Steve Parish.

The team that Patrick Vieira trains and in which the Valencia and Getafe exporter Vicente Guaita plays the 106 million euros contributed by Textor have done very well, especially to settle debts and to consolidate in the Premier League.

The promotion of Crystal Palace in the United States has also increased exponentially, while Textor does not stop ‘tweeting’ the achievements of any team in the different categories of the English club.


On the day of Benfica’s presidential election, Textor compared two realities: “With the great #NUFC (Newcastle) now conquered by a singular tyrant, UK clubs should pay attention to what is happening across Portugal today. Thousands of #Benfiquista go to the polls to elect their leader, proving Benfica as the true club of the People. Impressive! “.

And it is that last October 9 was a historic day for the incarnated club, with a record of participation of members to elect its new president, Rui Costa, after the abrupt departure of Luís Filipe Vieria, who left the presidency accused of several corruption crimes yet to be tried.

At Benfica they are clear, 63% of the shares that are owned by the club are not sold. For his part, John Textor does not intend to buy any share package without the consent and harmony with the Board of Directors.

That is why the meeting between the American investor and the presidency did not take place until yesterday, Thursday, March 21, once the electoral process had concluded.

Carlos Garcia.