Jon Rahm: “There is tension with some players”

The BMW PGA Championship begins and will start with controversy from the first moment. The tournament, which takes place in Wentworth, United King

The BMW PGA Championship begins and will start with controversy from the first moment. The tournament, which takes place in Wentworth, United Kingdom, brings together the best golfers on the circuit. Although in this edition, it was decided to exclude certain players who left the LIV as punishment. Among them are players who competed for many years on the DP World Tour, the European golf competition. Jon Rahm is one of the participants who will be present at the tournament and spoke to Skysports criticizing certain decisions of the organization.

“There are many of the great names of the LIV who have dedicated their entire lives to the European tour and precisely to this event that has been done on more than 17 occasions. I don’t necessarily disagree with it (exclusion of said players). What I do not agree with is those names that have never expressly shown their support or interest in the European tour or in the event to be able to attend” commented the Spanish golfer annoyed, who also thought it was unfair that they gave the opportunity to these players while “they take it away from those players who have dedicated themselves a lot to the European tour”.

The reality is that there are 17 players who will have the opportunity to compete in the tournament after having played some LIV events. These golfers have already been removed from the Saudi league after the new additions. Among these relegated is the Spaniard Pablo Larrazabal. Meanwhile, another Spaniard has been removed from the tournament. “It’s a bit more personal this time for me because the first name out of this tournament is a Spanish player, Alfredo Garcia. A great friend of mine who has played 20 European events this year,” added Rahm.

Another of the great criticisms of the Spanish is the reason why some golfers are in this edition of the BMW Championship. “You have other people who, I’m not going to name anyone, but are here just for the ranking points to finish in the top 50 and play certain tournaments. For me there is the error. There are certain players who do deserve to be here because they have at least shown some interest in the European tour”, declared the Spaniard. That he did not want to mention the name of any of those involved.

In addition, Rahm also wanted to get wet about the situation that is being experienced in said competition. Some golfer has already come out declaring that there was tension in the environment and that he gave up going to the competition because of it. “There is some tension with some players yes, it depends who you ask. I think there is, in my case, not much. Sergio and I are friends and we have friends on both sides. My opinion about them is not going to change, whether I agree with his decisions or not, ”said the Spanish golfer, although he did not rule out that among other players if there were.

The arrival of the LIV has caused much controversy and has set the golf world on fire. Meanwhile, this tournament will be played without problems in principle, although it will be talked about. Especially because of the behavior of the golfers among themselves. It will be the first time that some players return to the circuit and it is not yet known how certain golfers will react to this return.