Jorge Hao is confirmed as a great promise of golf in the Puerta de Hierro National Cup

Jorge Hao poses with the winner's trophy of the Puerta de Hierro 2021 National Cup. Jorge Hao has given anot

Jorge Hao poses with the winner’s trophy of the Puerta de Hierro 2021 National Cup.

Jorge Hao has given another twist to a wonderful 2021 winning with overwhelming authority the 103rd edition of the Puerta de Hierro National Cup at Real Club Golf de Sotogrande (Cadiz). In the end he has met Álvaro Revuelta, brilliant in the previous rounds but barely able to counteract the torrent of play of the current U16 individual European champion.

The final result, 9/7, offers an idea of ​​the robustness with which Jorge Hao It has been planted on the tee of 1 to face the 36 holes of which the summit duel of the tournament consists. Until hole 6, the contest remained barely unchanged -Álvaro Revuelta gained a minimal advantage in hole 3 that vanished in hole 4-, but in hole 7 Jorge Hao started the motorcycle to sign a script twist that would end up being definitive.

Hao scored the 7th, 8th, 9th, 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th hole, placing himself with a 7up at the start of 15 that left the final very uphill for an Álvaro Revuelta who, however, He showed great pride and rebelled against that adverse fate by winning two consecutive holes.

The second 18 holes started with fresh ideas after a break of almost an hour and with a six-hole rental for Jorge Hao, who, far from slowing down, was expanding his advantage until he placed it in a 9up that was already overwhelming, not only for Álvaro Revuelta, but for practically any elite amateur. With the level that Hao was displaying, his victory was inevitable.

With only 15 years old, Jorge Hao It has gone from being almost unknown at the beginning of the year to possibly being the name of the year at the national level. European Individual Champion Sub 16 and of the National Cadet of Salamanca, his ceiling does not glimpse for now.

“I am very happy, I am proud to have played my best golf. I started strong, although Álvaro was also able to tie the first few holes. Then I made some putts that have been thrown at me ”, Jorge Hao counted minutes before receiving from the hands of Enrique Marín, outgoing winner, the trophy.

“I did not expect a year like this, not at all. Next year I would like to improve my game, repeat in the European Under 16 Championship and climb places in the World Ranking ”, he added.

It also deserves a separate mention Álvaro Revuelta, which as he himself commented at the end of the day on Saturday, has emerged with a great game after a couple of seasons in which things did not work out. Álvaro, exponent of an important Madrid golf saga, has shown that he has plenty of golf to stay among the best.

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