Jorge Kahwagi, the only Mexican boxer who has pure KO’s

the hobby Mexico City / 15.08.2022 21:14:00 Criticized by many, but with a license that endorses him as a

Mexico City / 15.08.2022 21:14:00

Criticized by many, but with a license that endorses him as a boxer, Jorge Kahwagi has been talked about for many years and despite the fact that his last fight was in 2015, he is still in the memory of many fans; however, to date he holds a mark that is difficult to believe, since he is the only Mexican “boxer” who has 100 percent of his fights finished by knockout.

Although the history of Mexican boxing is very rich and goes back many years, Kahwagi is the only one who has managed to knock out each and every one of the rivals he faced until his retirement 7 years ago.

On the ring – in the 14 years that he was intermittently active – the son of the politician of the same name faced 12 different rivals and fought in Mexico, the United States, Spain, Russia and the Philippines.

And despite the multiple criticisms – caused by the level of his rivals – he managed to become national champion, to later add the Latin cruiserweight titles of the World Boxing Council and the World Boxing Organization. As well as the WBC international.

With an eclectic style, the Mexican not only dispatched his rivals by knockout, none of them made it past the second round and nine of them fell before finishing the first three minutes of the fight.

The last time he was seen in a ring was in 2015 in a fight he held in the Philippines and that caused great controversy not so much because of the result against the unknown Ramón Olivas, but because of the physical change he showed, because after years away he returned to show the cosmetic surgeries he underwent including pectoral and shoulder implants.

The rivalry with the Cibernético

The controversial athlete was harshly criticized by the Mexican wrestler, who during a television program accused him head-on of having bought all his rivals and of denigrating the sport and they hit each other.

That was not the only meeting that both had and the gladiator did not fail to question the career that Kahwagi extended from 2001 to 2015 with prolonged absences.