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Jorge Kahwagi: This is how it has changed thanks to cosmetic surgeries

Mexico City / 08.19.2022 10:56:00

Jorge Kahwagi is one of the most important Mexican boxers of recent times because all his opponents were defeated by knockout, however, this has not been the only thing the public talks about him for, since surgeries were resumed aesthetics that have been made.

The boxer retired from the ring seven years ago, in 2015 where his last fight took place, on the other hand, he was also part of the ranks of politicians who have generated the most controversy.

What surgeries did Jorge Kahwagi undergo?

The former Mexican boxer disappeared from the Mexican spotlight and the last that was heard of him was his appearance on social networks after he had emergency surgery for a burst ulcer.

However, the boxer is one of those who significantly changed his face over the years, thanks to the various surgeries he underwent.

It is important to remember that thanks to the blows he received above the ring, some parts of his face were destroyed as well as with extreme complications that required medical intervention.

The specialist Enrique Ibarra assures that he only needed a rhinoplasty so that his nose could be rehabilitated naturally, however, the excess of acid and botox could be to blame for his face looking completely different from how we knew it.

Jorge Kahwagi and his modifications

According to the dermatologist Enrique Ibarra, Jorge Kahwagi had to have surgery on the septum of his nose some hitsHowever, the swelling with which he was seen was not the most appropriate because it seemed like an allergic reaction.

However, the boxer assures that he has not had any cosmetic surgery on his face, despite the fact that the photographs show the contrary.

Without a doubt, it is still a mystery to know how many and which were the that Jorge Kahwagi underwent after passing through the ring.


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