Juan Luis Aldana does not want to rush his boxing career

After his overwhelming victory over the experienced Luis Fernando "Coyote" Valdez, the undefeated from Culiacan Juan Luis Aldana placeholder image

After his overwhelming victory over the experienced Luis Fernando “Coyote” Valdez, the undefeated from Juan Luis Aldana placeholder image He does not want to rush his professional career and that is why he intends to return to the ring next November.
The ward of Jay “Panda” Najar and that has a perfect record of 11 wins without losses, with seven knockouts, in the rented boxing he prevailed against Valdez by technical knockout, on July 30, in the capital of Sinaloa.

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“It was a fight for which we prepared a lot, both mentally and physically, a fighter with a lot of experience and things turned out better than we expected. Everyone knows that he is a fighter who endures a lot and we did everything we could. in the gym, a lot of training, a lot of time away from home and it was worth it, “said Aldana Camacho.
The young fighter who was champion of the Boxing Tournament of Los Barrios de THE DEBATE from Culiacán told us that he still does not have a defined date for his next fight
“We are about to confirm dates, I think it could be late November or early December, but we are training and ready for him to come. We will have a long preparation to arrive with optimal conditions, well prepared,” said Juan Luis Aldana , who made his professional debut on April 13, 2019.

He mentioned that: “The idea is that my next fight is in Culiacán, but it could also be outside, the place remains to be confirmed, it is most likely here in Culiacán.”
Juan Luis Aldana, 19 years old, pointed out that it is a privilege to have a highly trained coach like Jay Najar, who also collaborates with world-class fighters and that the camps they have attended have been very helpful.
“Right now a Puerto Rican is about to arrive, one of the best in the world and we are going to spar with him. Many times we have sparred with high-level fighters and the truth has served us a lot,” he commented.

He indicated that he does not want to rush his professional boxing career and that is why he is going step by step, seeking to learn something in each fight.

“I feel strong, but as they say, you have to be careful, take everything calmly and not despair,” he declared.

Juan Luis said that despite the commitments he has in boxing, he has not neglected his studies, since he continues to pursue a career in business administration at the CNSI University. “The truth is that school has been supporting me a lot in sports and I appreciate it,” he said.
Aldana Camacho has played three bouts during the current year, since in addition to knocking out Luis Fernando Valdez, he also defeated Eliud ortega (decision), in February and Ángel Chavira (knockout), in April.