Juan Toscano brings to Mexico the NBA champion award

Michelle Cruz Mexico City / 26.06.2022 21:30:00 The champion returned to his people. Juan Toscano-Anderson

Michelle Cruz

Mexico City / 26.06.2022 21:30:00

The champion returned to his people. Juan Toscano-Anderson visited Mexico City and brought the Larry O’Brien Trophy with him. Yes, for the first time in history, the coveted award arrived in the country’s capital just ten days after the NBA Finals ended, and the trophy came thanks to the champion forward with the Golden State Warriors.

“I already had plans to come to Mexico, regardless of whether we won the championship or not, I had thought about it since April. The truth is that the Warriors support me a lot, really. I have a very good team. My cousin Vanessa (from her public relations team) told me that the Warriors wanted to send the trophy to Mexico and I said come on! Because of the people who had never seen something like this, I am the only Mexican who brings the trophy to Mexico City,” said the former Fuerza Regia player.

Toscano was the protagonist in an exhibition in which the world of basketball gathered at the Hilton Hotel so that fans could acquire classic League products and, of course, merchandise from the former Fuerza Regia figure.

“Winning a championship is a very good thing, but bringing the trophy here to Mexico is another feeling, and I have these feelings for you (Mexicans), because in 2015 I started my career in Mexico, they treated me very well,” recalled the forward, two times champion of the National Professional Basketball League with the Monterrey team.

Between shouts and applause, hundreds of attendees received Juan Toscano, who chanted his last name. “Thank you very much!”, The one born in Oakland, California, corresponded.

“I feel at home”

Although he grew up on the East Coast, Toscano always felt Mexican. He adopted the homeland of his paternal family and has been a national team player since 2015, the same year in which he began his professional career in the LNBP. It is precisely these two factors that were relevant in his desire to play for Mexico and show off the flag at the Warriors’ celebrations.

“Because I am Mexican, I was born in the United States, but I don’t feel that way, because when I am in Mexico I feel at home,” explained Toscano.

And part of this made him remember a historic season for basketball in our country, since he was the first player to participate in the All-Star Weekend, finishing runner-up in the prestigious Slam Dunk Contest, the same one that saw court legends like Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins. What many remember about Toscano was his custom apparel, in which his jersey and tennis shoes were designed in the green, white and red of the flag.

“It’s a show and you have to do something different. The truth is that there are not many dunks (that have not been seen before) and I thought: ‘I want to do something different’. And in truth, I am someone different: I am the only Mexican in the NBA. So I said: ‘I want to do it for my country’”, shared the Mexican champion, while he showed off the Larry O’Brien trophy in his hands.