Juan Tovar: “I think I have an optimal experience to be able to debut in professional boxing”

Juan Tovar with the belt that accredits him as champion of the Valencian Community The fighter from Cuenca, Juan Tovar, ha

Juan Tovar with the belt that accredits him as champion of the Valencian Community

The fighter from Cuenca, Juan Tovar, has gone through the microphones of eldeporteconquense.es, to review and take stock of what has been a season full of battles and fights. A campaign that ends with the definitive leap to professional boxing.

Juan Tovar saw how he had to make a forced stop during this 2021, due to an inopportune injury to his finger that made him have to stop to recover and be at 100%. The broken finger took place in the Spanish Championship, back in the month of July.

Tovar did not stop training, even with his own broken cast, to return in September in the best way and in great physical shape. After intense preparation and recovery, Juan Tovar returned to the rings on September 24.

After that, Tovar went on October 30 to Portugal, where he had three fights. In an international contest. The Valencian Community Championship would follow, ending with the Welterweight trophy fight in Valencia. In short, a great final sprint for Tovar in terms of fighting load with 6-7 contests.

Regarding the balance of the season, Tovar believes that in “Portugal I arrived in the best shape. It came out perfect. I really felt great. With regard to the Valencian Community Championship, he acknowledges that obviously, he was not expecting it because it was not his turn, but that “going and being able to win was incredible for me.” In line with this, in the last of the contests he revalidated that title, which he lost but the fighter from Cuenca emphasizes that “it was a great fight that could fall for either of the two parties.”

Regarding the level offered during this campaign, Tovar emphasizes that “it is difficult to maintain it. Many times it is more of a psychological aspect, since you think your level is going to drop. Watching yourself train psychologically butt, costs more. Because in the end the physical aspect, if you are well, your body can handle everything ».

Facing the jump to professional boxing, Tovar sees it as an opportunity, but also knowing that it can benefit him in some aspects, “I think that professional boxing can benefit me. It is a more forceful boxing, with a harder glove. In the end I have a lot of punch and that in amateur boxing does not win that much »In line with this, in relation to rounds, which in professional is from 4 to 6,« I think it will help me, since it is a race continuous, while the amateur is more explosive. The rhythm of professional boxing, I think it can benefit me.

Tovar explains that during the month of December and January, physical preparation will take place, to try to reach the month of February, to debut in professional boxing. In principle, that debut, Tovar says that “if there are no changes, the idea is for it to be for mid-February.”

Regarding the personal section, Tovar looks confident ahead of his professional boxing debut, “I think I’m at the perfect time. I feel very comfortable in the ring and more and more ». He also reviews his career in amateur boxing, “I think I have had all the experiences that can be had in amateur boxing. I have won, I have lost, they have suspended fights the day before … In the end a series of things happen to you that you have to live them to learn ». Regarding professional boxing, Tovar emphasizes that “I think I have an optimal experience to be able to debut.”

With his feet on the ground, but Tovar asked if his best version is yet to be seen, it is clear, «of course my best version remains to be seen. I think I have not exploded yet but I am ready. In this way, he says that last year after his arrival in Elche it was a “period of acclimatization”, but that “right now I am training with people of a high level and I think that I have already settled in and organized. This is the beginning of the best Juan Tovar ».

Finally, the boxer from Cuenca sends a message on the doors of his debut to all the young and not so young who are starting in the world of boxing, “above all I tell you to be disciplined and constant. The talent… I can’t quite believe in him. What you have to do is work and little by little with effort, it always has its reward. To a greater or lesser extent, but all that effort always comes back. The fighter from Cuenca emphasizes that “you have to be humble and work. With perseverance and effort, the results end up arriving ».