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Juniors triumph in SD golf tournament

Rodrigo Huerta has not failed in more than a year, while Waldo Aguasvivas, Kevin Rodriguez, and Stefania Mosyagina dominated the fifth stop of the National Youth Tour of the Dominican Golf Federation (Fedogolf), held in the Country Club, where 53 players took part.

Kevin Rodriguez He got the best score of the event, with 68, second came his brother Justin, with a 78 card, in the 15-18 category.

In the 13-14, Huerta is still undefeated, winning with a score of 75. Omar Elías and Juan Tomás Herrera escorted him, with cards of 78 and 81. Waldo Aguasvivas took three sticks from his teammate Juan Pablo Jacobo, 79-82, to dominate 11-12, while in a close duel Alejandro Cerda beat Mattias Riedl by one blow, to win 9-10.

Matías Then dominated the 7-8 by beating his teammate Luis M. Peralta 46-52, in the game.


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