Kevin Yael wanted to be a boxer; he was dedicated to training and studying

Tijuana, September 13.- Kevin Yael dreamed of being a professional boxer when he grew up and practiced to reach the goal unti

Tijuana, September 13.- Kevin Yael dreamed of being a professional boxer when he grew up and practiced to reach the goal until someone took his life, presumably for having witnessed a murder on the pedestrian bridge near the Mineral neighborhood in Santa Fe. last September 2.

“He was a very noble and hard-working child, he helped his mother and helped me; He was studying and his dream was to be a boxer, he was training boxing and unfortunately they took him away from me, ”said Erick González, father of the 14-year-old teenager

His father describes that he was studious and helped the family, but clarified that he was not dedicated to selling jellies as stated, and if he did, it was sporadically.

It is a very strong pain, simply what I ask for is justice

The teenager was studying, had finished high school and dreamed of winning international boxing matches, but after he allegedly witnessed a murder he was beaten to death -according to investigations by the State Attorney General’s Office-, and this Tuesday his parents claimed his body at the facilities of the Forensic Medical Service.

His mother, Yomaira García, and his father went to claim the body of the 14-year-old -found on September 6 in the Tijuana River canalization-, but there are no detainees for the crime, so his father, Erick González, demanded justice .

“It is a very strong pain and the truth is that I do not wish it on anyone, they took a son from us and the truth is that I do not wish it on anyone (…) simply what I ask for is justice,” he said in front of the Semefo where he claimed Kevin’s body .

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In less than an hour they knew that he disappeared

The father again questioned the slow action of the authorities to issue the Amber alert -until September 5- and pointed out that there was still no operational search activated.

“In less than an hour we realized that he disappeared; We asked the municipal and state authorities for support and they were able to support us, maybe if they had supported us in the same short time, it would be another story (he would be alive). Hopefully the protocol will be changed and searched immediately and not wait for the 72-hour protocol.”

The director of Semefo, César González Vaca, pointed out that Kevin Yael died from at least 10 strong blows to the abdomen and chest, which caused rib fractures, serious injuries to the lungs, pancreas and liver; it was blunt trauma to the chest and abdomen, he said.

“He has blows to the chest and abdomen, which present fatal injuries, fractures in the ribs, injuries to the liver and pancreas, which are vital organs, and when they have blows, death occurs,” he explained.

On the fact that the genetic tests took six days to deliver, González Vaca pointed out that the State Attorney General’s Office was in charge of carrying out the corresponding genetic studies and their results.

“As for genetic studies, Semefo is oblivious to it, it is the Prosecutor’s Office area, the Prosecutor’s Office of Forensic Sciences who performs these studies, the determining cause of death was obtained as soon as the autopsy was performed.”

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They killed him with blows that fractured his ribs and caused severe damage to his lungs, liver and pancreas, Semefo confirmed.

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