La Jornada – Balance of the day / El Tigres-Atlas portrayed Mexican soccer

Mexico City. At the Nuevo León University Stadium, Mexican soccer had its emblem match on Saturday night: A crazy game with incompetent refereeing

Mexico City. At the Nuevo León University Stadium, Mexican had its emblem match on Saturday night: A crazy game with incompetent refereeing starring the World Cup player César Ramos, who faithfully represented the erratic refereeing work of the last tournaments; a cunning player to the extreme, Nahuel Guzmán, who pretended to cry before trying to save a penalty that was his epitaph and, furious, when the dream was shattered, without shame, he put another ball on the field.

Also on stage is the team pampered and pampered by federations and Grupo Orlegi, which not long ago dodged relegation thanks to the off-field work of Alejandro Irarragorri, who then transferred his best attacker, Julio Furch, from Santos to to strengthen him… On Saturday they advanced to the final through a dubious penalty, but they were very close to doing it as usual, winning points at the table… A squad that is an ode to timeshare, like the series itself, with Pachuca in the other semifinal.

The red-and-blacks play with ease, they have a well-worked system and a fearsome attack, they don’t seem to have the need to get into a shirt of eleven yards, but, curiously, they are always in the midst of controversy, in the eye of the hurricane, from which they emerge as the good boy, the victim. This was the case in the terrible events at the Corregidora stadium, in February 2021 against América, where they also took three points at the table, and now, in the semifinal against Tigres… A fox in sheep’s clothing.

Inconceivable the work of the nefarious VAR and Ramos Palazuelos, who was intimidated by the always energetic André Pierre Gignac, gave him a penalty that led to the temporary resurrection of the feline painting, which suddenly seemed to refresh his memory and struggled until he saw himself for a few minutes as a finalist. However, it was there, kissing the glory, where he lost greatness: Yeferson Soteldo joined the boasters and won 25 centimeters mockingly climbing onto the ball, and the one who had no limits was Miguel Louse Blacksmith.

The strategist went crazy and mishandled his pieces. From the orbit of his eyes, from his mind, the regulations escaped and he launched nine soccer players not trained in Mexico into the fight, when the regulations dictate a maximum of eight… With crazy laughter, Tigres has so many foreigners that it even lent Atlas for one year to Julián Quiñones, who on Saturday scored and provoked absurd claims from several feline players who felt betrayed… Then the tidal wave: bewilderment in the stands, the Louse wandering around, Nahuel refusing to leave the field… and Ramos Palazuelos visualizing himself in Qatar.

With so much turbidity, businessmen do not want to enter the soccer business. Grupo Caliente, owner of Querétaro and Tijuana (another case of timeshare), is struggling to find a buyer for the stigmatized Gallos Blancos, time is short, it has the remainder of 2022 as its deadline; however, it is difficult to sell to a club with multiple debts and heavy sanctions that inhibit any transaction. The federations, of course, want to help one of their great sponsors.

The Chivas women’s team stands up for the popular club. The vast rojiblanca fans have pinned on them their hopes of being able to celebrate and show off something great. The squad commanded by the scorer Alicia Cervantes caresses the title, although soccer is unpredictable; on the other side there is also power with Charlyn Corral, Mónica Ocampo and company… Enrique Bonilla with his new positions does not leave the United States, perhaps he is taking notes on the salary equalization between the men’s and women’s teams of that country.

Cruz Azul is in the storm defining the coaching staff and squad, eager (again!) to reduce its payroll… Toluca, once again, wants to renew the squad to be a winner again… Tri is getting ready to face Nigeria on Saturday, a really interesting rival, on a day when the final of the Champions League, between Liverpool and Real Madrid. The contrast in the level of play threatens to send fans from Eden to purgatory.