La Jornada – Mister Mexico celebrates 70 years of boxing and dance

Newspaper La JornadaThursday, August 25, 2022, p. 12a It will be a mixture of physical constructivism, sports dance and boxing matches and

Newspaper La Jornada
Thursday, August 25, 2022, p. 12a

It will be a mixture of physical constructivism, sports dance and boxing matches and is billed as “The event of the year”. The 70th edition of the Clásico Mister México of physical construction will be held at the World Trade Center from September 1st to 4th, with exhibitions, a professional boxing card and the Wellness Weekend Expo 2022.

“It is a great honor to reach this 70th anniversary of Mister Mexico. We intend to throw a great party and we have as prizes unique commemorative trophies of Huichol art in medals and trophies”, announced Francisco Cabezas, president of the Mexican Federation of Physical Constructivism and Fitness almost 31 years ago, and highlighted the evolution of this sport in the country and in the world, as it is already on the way to becoming an Olympic discipline in the future.

In this regard, Cabezas, also president of the Mexican Sports Confederation, recalled that although the problem of doping continues to be a factor that can play against the introduction of physical constructivism in the Olympic program, at least the continent has got rid of this scourge, as showed in the past Pan American Games in Peru, where no bodybuilder from the participating countries tested positive.

Likewise, he highlighted the good pace that the Mexican teams maintain at the world level.

For now, the spectacular nature offered by Mister Mexico will begin with the registration of almost 1,800 competitors from almost one hundred categories during the first day of the Expo, where attendees will be able to appreciate how the classified candidates for the title in the absolute category are preparing. In addition to sports dance exhibitions, yes, it is already officially on the Paris 2024 Olympic program.

Former world champion Jhonny González will resume his career in the show that will be presented on Saturday, September 3, in the main event against challenger Jafel Perales, who heads the six-fight card presented by promoter Chiquita González Boxing.