La Jornada – The esplanade that houses Ssa in Acapulco is converted into a boxing cathedral

Acapulco, Gro., The esplanade of the Intelligent Building, which since the beginning of last October houses the offices of the federal Ministry of

, Gro., The esplanade of the Intelligent Building, which since the beginning of last October houses the offices of the federal Ministry of Health, became for a few hours the cathedral of amateur in Acapulco.

On Sunday morning, the space located at the corner of Avenida Costera Miguel Alemán and Calle Diego Hurtado de Mendoza, was the scene of the confrontation between children and young pugilists from Oaxaca and Guerrero.

The fighting was staged a few meters from the Anti Monument to the 43, and the statue erected in honor of the Tecpaneco swimmer and diver Apolonio Castillo.

The director general of Inter-institutional Strategy of the Federal Ministry of Health, Hanna Woloski, said that “we are promoting health, the issue of health prevention as preventive medicine, this is part of the events that we can promote to create awareness of healthy habits “.

He stressed that “we want to project Acapulco as the capital of health, that is our mission. It is part of the culture that we must promote, that they come from other states, but in a very healthy environment ”.

Hanna Woloski announced that “there will be more events, we have planned every Sunday, starting next January, to close roads to encourage walking, cycling, to promote health.”

Alberto Leyva Moreno, a member of the Guerrero State Boxing Association, stressed that “we are opening this place, it is very beautiful, some services are missing such as bathrooms, changing tables, but we are opening it, it will improve. It is important for the boys, because they motivate themselves ”.

For Guerrero, promising boxers from Acapulco, Chilapa, Tlapa, Zihuatanejo and San Marcos participated.

Leyva Moreno said that “approximately 14 gyms come from Oaxaca and 12 from the state of Guerrero, with coaches Esteban Hernández Valdovinos, Víctor Rodríguez, Miguel Rosada, among others.”

The coach of the Oaxaca boxing team, Sergio Chirinos Hernández, mentioned that “more than 40 fighters come from Oaxaca, Tuxtepec, Central Valleys, Bajos de Chila, Salina Cruz, Huajuapan de León, among other places.”

He stressed that “the level of boxing has increased a lot in Oaxaca, we have made a technical and tactical evaluation, it has been a very nice trip, it is the second time that I have come to this beautiful state.”

Chirinos Hernández pointed out that “it is a very beautiful setting, we hope to end well and take a walk to see the coast of this beautiful state. We acclimatize because we come from the height, we are at sea level, but it is part of the preparation for the Conade Games of 2022, this year we climbed some steps ”.

On Saturday 30 fights were fought in the Ciudad Renacimiento neighborhood, and on Sunday 22 fights were held on the esplanade of the Intelligent Building.