LeBron and Davis’s partner that nobody wants: the NBA mocks

The market continues in t

The market continues in the NBA and the big teams continue to make their squads for next season. The Los Angeles Lakers want to turn their squad around after their bad season last year, when they didn’t even make the playoffs. That is why, according to ‘The Athletic’, Westbrook’s departure to the Indiana Pacers has been sought in a transfer that is ultimately not going in the right direction. Said information reflects that those from California would receive Myles Turnes and Buddy Hield in exchange for the aforementioned Angeleno point guard and a first round draft pick.

Who would not be satisfied with the operation would be the Pacers, who do not see this exchange as fruitful at all, leaving the talks between the two teams at a standstill. Indiana’s poor season alerts a group that wants to do things well and not rush into the campaign with signings that may be of dubious performance for them. Thus, Westbrook does not enter the confidence of a franchise that did not go from third to last last year in the Eastern Conference.

For its part, the Lakers had previously been interested in Buddy Hield. A man who would fit nicely into the Angels’ attacking system given the dearth of guys with 3-point shooting at Staples Center. However, Indiana understands that he would lose out in a trade that would also include, as we said, their starting center Myles Turner. Two men who are not willing to let go unless his transfer offers them immediate guarantees of a qualitative leap for the team.

The NBA thus begins to be no stranger to the situation of Russel Westbrook. A man whose performance in the Oklahoma City Thunder along with Durant and Harden elevated him to being an ‘All Star’ in the league. But that since his departure she has acted enough on her own to win extraordinary numbers at the individual level without taking into account the collective performance. Something that begins to be a tonic there in each team he goes to and that nobody wants to happen in their ranks.