‘Legends’ turns Madrid into the international football museum | Sports

'Legends', the largest collection of international football relics, lands in Madrid, in a 4,200-square-meter, seven-story building in Puerta del So

‘Legends’, the largest collection of international football relics, lands in Madrid, in a 4,200-square-meter, seven-story building in Puerta del Sol, with a sample of exhibits from the four thousand treasured by Marcelo Ordás, promoter of this initiative that began to take shape thirty years ago.

The visitor will be able to enjoy this museum, which is expected to open between November and December, with state-of-the-art immersive and technological experiences to go through the history of world football. The objects are related to soccer players from all countries and to the most important international competitions, from the World Cups to the Olympic Games through the Copa Libertadores or league championships of different nations.

The oldest piece is one from Newcastle from 1863 and, since then, the museum will go through all the stages of football history up to the present, including relics of the famous 1950 ‘Maracanazo’, the World Cup title for Spain in South Africa 2010 or the last Champions Leagues.

“We are the product of a Spanish and Argentine family. This unprecedented work that we achieve through safeguarding the testimony of the history of the greatest passion that humanity has created. The one that awakens the greatest sense of belonging. We decided with my grandfather, born in Canillejas, start a titanic story”, said Ordás, during the presentation of the museum.

“We went around the world. Wonderful and historic cities wanted to keep the exhibition but I knew it had to be in Spain. I think Madrid is the world capital of football for its clubs, its imprint, because we are in Europe and it has the League largest in the world,” he said.

Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, said that this project “unites people with football above people”.

“You have to see the sensations that one has when doing things. When I went to the Prado Museum at the age of 14 and saw Las Meninas by Velázquez, I was impressed. Also when I saw Curro Romero live. The third sensation, more linked to football, and that I will always remember, was the day that Huesca were promoted to First Division. The same thing happened to me with the Legends project. I got emotional as Marcelo told me when I met him and that day I had the feeling of being in front of something incredible and a project in which that I had to be present with LaLiga,” he said.

Former Portuguese soccer player Luis Figo, representative of UEFA, stressed that “passion moves mountains and Marcelo Ordás, when he began this passion of collecting all these soccer moments, never thought he would be in a great world capital presenting this project”.

“It is an innovative project. Those who visit it will vibrate with contradictory feelings. Sometimes with joy, others with nostalgia. UEFA could not fail to be present as moments of happiness in this experience. Football belongs to everyone, it is for everyone and it’s global,” confessed Figo.

José Luis Martínez-Almeida, mayor of Madrid, said that the Spanish capital will host Legends with the “world’s most beautiful museum on the passion of football.”

“If Puerta del Sol is the kilometer 0 of Spain, now it will also be the kilometer 0 of the passion that fuels this sport. Legends is home to the largest football collection. The first time Marcelo came to see me, he didn’t talk to me about shirts, but of armor, which is what represents the teams. What we will see on the seven floors justifies that the one hundred million people who pass through Puerta del Sol every year can check the history of football, “he concluded.