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Manuel Gil / @GilManuel29 The Venezuelan fighters of Mixed Martial Arts, Omar Morales and Genier Penagos, were interviewed this Friday

Manuel Gil / @GilManuel29

The Venezuelan fighters of , and Genier Penagos, were interviewed this Friday afternoon by the team of with a view to what will be the Legion MMA event in Venezuela.

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Omar Morales, who has climbed into the octagons of the UFC, serves as promoter of the billboard that will take place next Friday, June 17 at the Hotel Tamanaco, Caracas, through the Meridiano Television signal and the various platforms worldwide.

“Legion MMA today is the face of Mixed Martial Arts in Venezuela, it is the event with the best organization.” Morales stated.

“I am putting all my experience and all my knowledge that I have obtained in the best octagons in the world in this event, to give all these athletes who have the experience here in Venezuela of a high-level competition the opportunity,” Omar confessed.

The main benefit that Legión MMA gives to whoever is champion next Friday is the renown they will get for winning the first lightweight title in Venezuela.

“Among the benefits, first of all, having a great name here in Venezuela. Being the first champion in Mixed Martial Arts in Light Weight with Legion MMA, is something that gives fighters a lot of resume to be able to opt for an international contract.

Omar Morales and Genier Penagos holding the lightweight title / Photo: Cesar Suarez

It will be the first lightweight title to be played in Venezuela. “Apart from being a Mixed Martial Arts athlete, I am also a Graphic Design graduate. The belt is of my design”, words of Omar Morales acknowledging that the spectacular belt that will be disputed on Friday, is his authorship.

In addition, the emotions that this billboard transmits will not end there, since it is planned to hold a fourth edition next November in our country.

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Omar Morales bets on Venezuelan talent and that is why he puts all his efforts into doing a great job in Creole lands. “For me, Venezuela has always been a power in Martial Arts. Now what we need are events that give these athletes growth.”

Genier Penagos will be fighting for the lightweight title in the aforementioned championship. “Since my last fight in Legion, which was in November of last year, I only took three days off and I haven’t stopped since then,” Penagos said.

Genier Penagos with the belt to dispute / Photo: Cesar Suarez

He confirmed that he feels very well to face the fight next Friday. “I have adjusted my strategy, I feel quite strong mentally and physically.”

Regarding his rival, Gabriel Ruíz, Penagos is aware of what he will face. “This coming Friday will be a great night. We know that he is a pretty strong and solid fighter, we are prepared for that, ”concluded Genier.