Lemmen-Meyer goes for a more inclusive golf

Fernando Lemmen-Meyer Sandoval, new president of the Mexican Golf Federation, announced the activities he has carried out in the first 100 days of

, new president of the Mexican Federation, announced the activities he has carried out in the first 100 days of his administration. The most relevant were the new work committees that will give development, inclusion and growth to the discipline.

The first, led by Jesús Topete, has to do with Social Responsibility, having an integrating role with society, promoting causes through this sport. For this, the objective of the second committee, that of Strategic Planning, chaired by Eng. Eduardo Sabatés, is very important. The necessary execution may be given to optimize everyone’s work.

The necessary Interagency Interaction gives name to the third committee, led by Carlos Moreno. Their work will help coordinate and strengthen relationships with the private sector, civil associations and the tourism sector. In addition, it will be in charge of looking for sponsors for the main National and Children’s-Youth Tournaments, as well as large projects, such as the new Store online store, the “Golf, Culture and Art Program”, the “National Golf School”, a “National Training Program”, the “National Center for High Performance Golf”, the National Golf Museum and the Hall of Fame.

The fourth committee, Government Relations and Media, will be chaired by Lic. Guillermo Amerena. Necessary action to further integrate and expand our golf with National and Regional Associations, institutions such as Conade and the Mexican Olympic Committee.

In the country, golf is structured by regions, to which the Associations belong. Through these, the FMG will have a closer link with clubs and golfers. So the fifth committee, that of Attention to Regional Associations, chaired by Eng. Humberto Díaz del Castillo, will be of great support.

The sixth committee is equally decisive in the development of our sport. All golfers, from children-youth to professionals, will have special attention at the FMG, thanks to the Committee for National Selections, Ranking and Liaison, and Monitoring of Professional Players, chaired by Lic. Ricardo Carrillo, a great connoisseur of this sport . Starting in January, the Mexican PGA card will recognize and carry the FMG and IGPM logo.

Growing the base of those who seek to study and play golf in the United States will be the task of Mr. Alfredo Ruiz Orozco, at the head of the seventh committee, that of Scholarships Abroad. It will help more players migrate to collegiate golf from the United States, as did Lorena Ochoa, Gaby López, María Fassi, Abraham Ancer and Carlos Ortiz. Alfredo also leads the Valle de México Golf Association.

For those golfers who wish to continue their studies in Mexico, there will be the eighth committee, the University Committee, under the command of Lic. José Luis Vázquez. With the help of the FMG, you will open the doors for them more easily. Creating the database to locate players who study in Mexico and abroad will be the challenge.

The Mexico Open and the Mexican Women’s Open are other great plans of the administration. I remind you that Playing Golf is … Making friends! Until next time.

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