Leon Edwards: “UFC is trying to beat me, but I can’t lose”

Leon Edwards believes he has done enough to earn a title shot, and he plans to wait for one if he doesn't get another fight before the end of the

Leon Edwards believes he has done enough to earn a title shot, and he plans to wait for one if he doesn’t get another fight before the end of the year.

If the UFC again insists that he win another win for a shot at the UFC welterweight title, Edwards is ready to face two-time title challenger Jorge Masvidal. But the fight will be on your timeline.

«I thought Masvidal was an option, but [su campamento] Says next year, and I won’t wait until next year. If I’m waiting until next year, I might as well be fighting for the world title.

Why would I wait for a man I called for three years, rejected me for three years? Now he’s coming off two consecutive losses, he was knocked out in his last fight, To say yes, I ‘will fight you next year, when could I expect the title shot? «

Masvidal infamously handed Edwards a “three pieces and a soda” backstage, beating him after a verbal confrontation, at a March 2019 UFC event after they had competed in separate bouts on the undercard. A showdown seemed imminent, but Edwards said Masvidal turned down several subsequent offers from the UFC.

In recent interviews, Masvidal has said that he will fight Edwards, or any opponent that brings him closer to another title shot against welterweight champion Kamaru Usman, who in April knocked him out in a rematch. That request seems insincere to Edwards and, furthermore, he doubts that the “BMF” champion will comply with it.

«I know you won’t accept it. He talks all this shit on social media and plays this tough guy on social media, but we all know he won’t take it. Coming off back to back losses, he’s trying to get another win to get his name back where it was. But I really think he won’t accept it. He chose to fight Ben Askren for me. That shows enough that he is not willing to fight me.

The biggest issue Edwards sees is his status in the UFC. Despite a nine-fight winning streak (one fight against Belal Muhammad was declared no contest due to his accidental foul), believes the promotion is withholding a title shot against Usman, who at UFC 268 will face Colby Covington in a near-rematch. two years after his fifth round TKO over the former interim champion.

«Six years have passed since my last loss. Colby was defeated by the champion, he fought Woodley, the fight ended with injury, he was out for over a year and got a title shot. But when I go on and get 10 fights in a row, now, ‘He needs one more.’ Each time, it is one more. I think they are trying to win me, but I can’t lose. I really believe that I will be the next world champion. They are trying to stop me, but it gets closer. I really do.