Leonese football believes in its future

For a long time it has been missed that Leonese football was capable of generating great names that could reach the national elite. It is tr

For a long time it has been missed that Leonese was capable of generating great names that could reach the national elite. It is true that since 2018 a player from the province has not played a match in the First Division (Borja Valle with Deportivo de La Coruña), but little by little the fruits of work are beginning to be seen in different quarries that, hopefully, will result in a more or less near future in a situation with many more footballers on earth in professional football.

A good piece of information to believe in this is the ‘boom’ that several young footballers on earth have had this campaign, in which up to 6 minors under 23 have had minutes in Second Division, First RFEF or Second Division B. In Second, Ponferradina made its debut on New Year’s Eve in Oviedo to Mauro Molina, a footballer trained in his quarry but who went through the youth team of Numancia or Astorga before returning to the blue and white subsidiary.

Rodri, Percan, Manso, Javi Fernández, Morante and Raúl García have played in Primera RFEF this seasonMuch more prominence have had several of the products of the Cultural and Deportiva Leonesa quarry, which this year have finally been given opportunities in the first team. So much Rodri Suarez What Perch They have already had minutes of level in the new First RFEF and they aim to grow in prominence in the next campaigns with a ceiling that only they will mark. In addition, he has also regularly counted Javi fernandez with Ramón González leading the team and Miguel Manso he has had his chance to debut with the first team.

However, a large majority of the eyes of Leonese fans to see a countryman playing at the first level again are undoubtedly on Ivan morante. The international in the lower categories continues this campaign at Real Madrid Castilla, where he has not had it easy due to an injury, but where little by little he is taking over the center of the field adding 10 games as a starter in First RFEF.

In the same category has also had the opportunity to debut another Leonese as is the case of Raul garcia, a goalkeeper who has passed the last stage of his training at Celta de Vigo and who is currently a member of their subsidiary.

Ponferradino has followed a different path Álvaro Ramón, who also went through the Celta quarry making his debut in Second B in his subsidiary, played last season in the Navalcarnero of that same category and this campaign adds many minutes in a classic like Mérida, again in Second B.

The older ones keep growing

Reasons to be optimistic with the new batch of Leonese footballers, but also with those who are already over 23 years old and who have been in professionalism for several seasons. The best example of the explosion of a Leonese has undoubtedly been that of Aaron Piñán in Cultural, a footballer who will undoubtedly step into professional football sooner rather than later. In that Second Division they militate this campaign far from the ranks of a Ponferradina in which Saul Crespo He continues to add minutes and is the only player from Bercia from the first team, several more footballers. Pablo Valcarce In Burgos he is undoubtedly the most outstanding, having already added 7 goals to the Castilian team, in which another Leonese player such as is also plays Claudio medina. They are joined now Borja Valle in the ranks of Alcorcón, where he will be active until the end of the season.

In the First RFEF, in addition to the aforementioned young talents, an already veteran Leonese continues to be very important in his team as is the case of Viti at UCAM Murcia. Also, a very promising player like Raul Vallejo at Zamora he continues to recover from the serious injury he suffered after a great last season.

Going down a little more, there are several players from the province with prominence in Second RFEF. Rely Cabral a great season is coming together at Don Benito and Emilio Iglesias It is fixed in the Pulpileño. Another classic of Cultural and Ponferradina as Adam Gurdiel militates this campaign in El Ejido of that category. What’s more, Alberto Miñambres play in the Adarve or Valentine Prieto in Toledo.