“Let’s get (at least) halfway to the moon”

Published: Monday, 04 July, 2022 16:54

344 races, 32 wins, 98 podiums, 22 pole positions, 2,008 points, 23 fastest laps, 1,769 laps led, 18,549 laps completed… and 92,684 kilometers traveled.

It is the new historic Formula 1 record that Fernando Alonso has broken this weekend at the British Grand Prix held at the Silverstone circuit.

The two-time F1 world champion, after 52 laps on British soil, beats Kimi Räikkönen, who held the record with 92,636 kilometers completed.

Behind, very far, is the seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton, who has accumulated 85,776 kilometers traveled throughout a race that started in 2007, precisely, sharing a garage with Alonso.

To put it into value, Fernando’s record is equivalent to completing a quarter of a trip to the Moon or going around the Earth 2.3 times.

“Let’s get (at least) halfway to the moon,” the Spaniard reacted to the publication of the official Formula 1 account.