Let’s put the achievements of the Hojgaard twins in perspective

Rasmus Hojgaard and Nicolai Hojgaard, after Nicolai's victory at the DS Automobiles Italian Open 2021. © Golffile | Stefano di maria

Rasmus Hojgaard and Nicolai Hojgaard, after Nicolai’s victory at the DS Automobiles Italian Open 2021. © Golffile | Stefano di maria

The Twins Hojgaard, Rasmus and Nicolai, are two of the great attractions of this week in the Portugal Masters. After all, last summer they starred in a true milestone in the history of the European circuit and world golf, becoming the first two brothers to win in consecutive weeks: Rasmus did it on August 29 in Switzerland and Nicolai on August 5. September in Italy.

They turned 20 last March, so they’re both a prodigy of precociousness, but it’s Rasmus who is ahead, as he already had three victories in the European tour before turning 20 and a half years old, an absolutely formidable event, almost on the same level as a Severiano Ballesteros, who was 20 years and two months old when he won for the third time on the European circuit; and improving the records of Sergio (he was 21 years and nine months old when he won for the third time), Olazábal (22 years old) or Rory McIlroy (also 22 years old).

In short, the comparisons are surely odious and do not guarantee anything, because after all Matteo Manassero had already won three times before he was twenty and he won for the fourth time a month after fulfilling them … Each one has his times and his way But these parallels at least serve to better put the perspective of what has happened so far.

We can go a little further. Rasmus won for the third time this past August in his 37th tournament on the European circuit, including those he played as an amateur (Nicolai it was released on try number 45). Does this mean, for the moment, that Rasmus He wins practically one out of every twelve tournaments he plays on the European circuit, an average of madness, obviously: Seve won for the third time in his 41st attempt, Olazábal did it in 60, Sergio in 55 and Rory in 99 … In addition , Rasmus he won for the first time on the fifth attempt, long before the three mentioned Spaniards, Rory and even Manassero, who won for the first time on the 18th attempt.

Each one, Rasmus and Nicolai, of course, his career progresses according to the times that his own records and successes are marking, although both, like good twins, became professionals at the same time, at the start of 2019. The first, for example, walks flirting more with the PGA Tour, a circuit in which he has already played four tournaments on the regular calendar, while the second has not yet been released. Rasmus has also played two Greats and one WGC, while Nicolai has only played one Great. Everything will come.

We will have to be very attentive to what they are capable of doing this week. To their display of power and precision from the tee, for example, because both are among the most powerful hitters on the European circuit in 2021 (it goes longer Nicolai that Rasmus) and also both appear among the top ten of the year in the statistic of greens in regulation. In short, we will have to remain very attentive to the evolution of the two twins: there is a world left for the next Ryder, but no one is aware that an important part of the regeneration of the continental team passes through these two Danes.

Rasmus premieres this week in the Dom Pedro Victoria Golf, stage of the Portugal Masters, while his brother already did it in 2019, although his performance was not brilliant. To date, they have met as professionals in 27 world-ranking tournaments and have never finished both in the top ten in the same week. The penultimate time was in Italy, precisely when Nicolai won and Rasmus he finished in 18th place; and the last one was at Wentworth, where Rasmus the cut failed and Nicolai he finished in twentieth place. Surely sooner or later the two are involved in the fight for victory on a Sunday. We’ll see if it doesn’t happen this week in placid Vilamoura.