Lewis Hamilton assures that F1 must return to Africa to have a more complete championship

There is no doubt that the Formula 1 it is a global sport. However, we must go back to 1993 to remember the last time the great circus

There is no doubt that the Formula 1 it is a global sport. However, we must go back to 1993 to remember the last time the great circus played a race on African soil. It was on the circuit Kyalami, South Africa. And that was almost thirty years ago.

The current world champion, Lewis hamilton, is committed to the goal of creating a more diverse, inclusive and global Formula 1. And for this he believes that a return to African soil is necessary:

“To have a complete world championship, we should compete in Africa again”, has affirmed in declarations to the German portal Speed ​​Week.

A few months ago, Lewis already commented that it would be important to be able to compete in Africa:

“It is such an important place to return. Right now, Formula 1 is going to the countries and it doesn’t really leave much of an impact. Formula 1 has to become a sport that goes to a place and leaves something that can really help communities and I think first of all, to bring attention back to Africa and highlight the beautiful place that it is, I think that is the location. the most important thing we have to go to “

Chloe Targett-Adams, director of promotion and business relations of F1, coincides with the seven-time champion. He assures that it is an issue that they have dealt with recently and for which they hope to find a solution, although it does not seem that it will happen in the immediate future:

“I have the same opinion as Lewis Hamilton. Africa is a continent where there is no F1 and that is wrong. F1’s return to Africa is a priority. We have analyzed various options in recent years and we hope to find a solution in the medium term ”.


The CEO of Formula 1, Stefano Domenicali, spoke about this issue a few weeks ago in statements to Bild Sport. The Italian assured that there are more options on the table, in addition to Kyalami:

“I would like to keep the Formula 1 calendar with 23 races. We have offers from Africa, both from the North and South of the continent ”.

It is well known that the South African proposal is on the table, but that there are other options in North Africa as well. One of them could be Morocco, as it is rumored that he would want to have his own Grand Prix, just as they already have their event of Formula E. Despite this, everything seems to indicate that the return to the African continent would not arrive until 2023. This has been explained Warren scheckter, the nephew of the F1 champion Jody scheckter and CEO of SAGP, the company that would organize the GP in South Africa. He assures that the talks will resume next year.