Lewis Hamilton would win the economic championship in Formula 1 this year

If the estate defined the next grand prize winner in Saudi Arabia and the 2021 Formula 1 season, the winner would be Lewis Hamilton, with his

If the estate defined the next grand prize winner in Saudi Arabia and the 2021 Formula 1 season, the winner would be Lewis Hamilton, with his Mercedes Benz team, as he projects an estate of US $ 343 million, according to the list of the most Rich 2021 from The Times, and, since 2014, the brand has been the most awarded, putting it at an advantage over other sponsors.

The Formula 1 world championship closes the year with the last circuit to be held in Abu Dabhi in the Yas Marina race with a length of 5,281 km and 58 laps. In this year’s season there were 22 races; the one that takes place this weekend is the last one and each race awarded a certain number of points.

The second option to win this last grand prize is Max Verstappen, who is six points higher than Hamilton, managing to enter the general classification and achieving the title of leader in Turkey. Both have the same score, however, Verstappen led no less than 469, that is, more than half (50.21%), making him, so far, the biggest winner.

According to fans and experts on the subject, the competitiveness of the teams is linked, to a large extent, to the budget, which leads them to have an advantageous position thanks to the loot that they take at the end of each circuit.

“If there is an incident between the two and the cars can’t run anymore, Verstappen would win; however, there are people who contemplate the possibility of this happening as it happened to Suzuki in 1990 when Senna hit Prost in the first lap and won the world championship like that ”said Matteo Benatti, an expert in Formula 1.

Cars make a difference. Mercedes has won the last seven world championships, and is still in the top, but Red Bull has improved many in recent years at the hands of Verstappen, who at just 24 years is considered one of the best drivers.

However, it is usually difficult in this competition for the teams that register the greatest number of titles to stop winning, since the more victories, the more money they obtain, thus generating a greater patrimony and a greater number of sponsorships. Redbull, on the other hand, has also been the second most competitive team in recent years thanks to the heritage injected by the company.

Another variable that is also taken into account in the bid for the winner is more technical and is how the car is built, since there are more competitive cars on circuits with long straights and others on circuits with tight curves.

However, it is uncertain which of the two will win, as it may be that the combination of fast corners with long straights of the latter circuit favors Mercedes more than Redbull, according to fans.