Liga MX: The 8 European players who presented Clausura 2022

Clausura 2022 presented a total of seven players of European origin, scattered in: Tigres, San Luis, Juárez, Toluca, Rayados and América The

Clausura 2022 presented a total of seven players of European origin, scattered in: Tigres, San Luis, Juárez, Toluca, Rayados and América

The MX League It is recognized in the continent for being a tournament full of foreign soccer players. However, little by little, the teams are finding in the european footballera new market to exploit. The Closing 2022 was not exempt from it, and presented eight players from the old continent.

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Of course, the tigers They are listed as the team with the most European players on their squad. In Total soccer we make a count of the players born in Europe who played in this tournament.

André Pierre – Gignac – Tigers

Despite not being the first European player to come to Mexican soccer, Gignac has managed to mark a before and after within the MX League. It was in 2015 when the “bomboro” arrived at Mexico to wear the t-shirt tigers. Since then, the French striker has not only served as a scorer, but also as an intermediary for more compatriots to reach the league.

Florian Thauvin – Tigers

Last tournament, the felines once again shook up the transfer period in Mexican soccer with the arrival of a World Champion. Florian Thauvin I accept that Gignac It was an important part for me to decide to come to Mexico instead of accepting other offers from teams like the Milanamong others.

Alvaro Fidalgo – America

The arrival of Santiago Solari a America brought with it the arrival of some elements from European football. Alvaro Fidalgo was one of them. And although the Argentine strategist is no longer in his position, the Spanish footballer has established himself in the eleven of Fernando Ortiz.

Jorge Meré – America

One of the new faces presented by the Closure 2022 was the arrival of Jorge Mere. The Spanish defender arrived from German football, at the express request of Solari. In this tournament he has played a total of five games as a starter.

Vincent Janssen – Striped

The ‘Toro’ as it is known, reached the MX League to play with Monterre Stripedand coming from Tottenham of the premier league. It was recently included in the list of Netherlands for the tournament Nations League.

Ian Gonzalez – Toluca

The striker reached MX League to play with him Athletic Saint Louislater passed to the Ray of the Necaxa and now to TolucaEl Español scored a goal in the regular tournament with the Devils.

Unai Bilbao vs Atletico San Luis

The Spanish defender arrived at mexican soccer in 2018 to play with Athletic Saint Louis. Despite the fact that 2020 had a transfer in Necaxa, Bilbao remains with the Potosino team.

Alejandro Arribas – Juarez

The central defender reached the MX League to play with Cougars. And although he served as one of the strongest elements of the defense, the Spaniard went to the border to play with the Cheers.