LigaPro clubs ask the Ecuadorian Football Federation for an extraordinary congress to “resolve legal problems” with referees | Football | sports

According to a publication of the team organization, most ask for a telematic meeting. The letter has been addressed to Francisco Egas.September 1

According to a publication of the team organization, most ask for a telematic meeting. The letter has been addressed to Francisco Egas.

September 12, 2021 – 10:24 am

Twenty-two of the 26 clubs of the Professional Football League of Ecuador (LigaPro), according to a publication on social networks of the organization, have requested the Ecuadorian Football Federation (FEF) to call an extraordinary national congress to “know and resolve ”, based on“ regulatory interpretation ”, the“ problem ”with the country’s first-rate referees, whose strike due to non-payment has put the domestic championship in check.

In a letter addressed on Saturday to Francisco Egas, president of the FEF, the signatories state: “It is known that there is a problem between the referees and the clubs of the first category of professional football, which is leading to the Ecuadorian referees who have have been respectively designated by the National Commission of Referees (CNA) not to attend the matches of the competitions organized and administered by the Professional Football League of Ecuador (series A and B). His absence, in addition to constituting a disciplinary offense that must be equally sanctioned, prevents the normal development of the aforementioned competitions, with all its negative consequences, not only economic ones ”.

Along these lines, “as it is urgent to take urgent measures”, the clubs request a session via telematics to “know and resolve” on two points. First, “the interpretation of the Regulations of the National Commission of Referees on the hiring of foreign referees (article 40), in the sense that its prohibition only applies to the matches of the championships organized by the FEF, but not to those of the LigaPro ”. And second, “the interpretation of the Regulations of the National Commission of Arbitrators regarding the appointment of arbitrators (articles 29, 32 and 35) in the sense that only those who have not expressed, in any way, their intention to not attending or not directing a game, understanding this event, if it were the case, as a lack of referees ”.

Those who sign the letter suggest that, on the one hand, LigaPro tournaments can use foreign referees and, on the other, that the CNA can appoint referees “who do want to attend and direct the corresponding matches” of the championship.

Main executives of Barcelona Sporting Club, Independiente del Valle, Liga de Quito, Universidad Católica, Guayaquil City, Macará, Deportivo Cuenca, Orense, Delfín, Aucas, Manta, October 9 (all of these from Serie A), América, Atlético Santo Domingo, Atlético Porteño, Independiente Jrs., Gualaceo, Chacaritas, El Nacional, Liga de Portoviejo, Guayaquil Sport and Cumbayá (these ten from Serie B) sign the document with the request to the FEF.

Not included among the signatories: Emelec, Mushuc Runa, Técnico Universitario and Olmedo.

The referees of the first category of national football are on strike, a measure in fact due to the non-payment of four months (May, June, July and August) of their services by the Professional League, which cites economic reasons for the lack of compliance .

The referee union has said that it expects full payment of its salaries and rejected, according to LigaPro, a partial disbursement of $ 200,000.

Due to the absence of judges, matchday 7 of the second round of Serie A, which began on Friday, could not be carried out normally. Although the teams have appeared in the stadiums, no one has whistled.

On Friday, Egas asked Conmebol “not to consider” the “participation in international events” of the first-rate Ecuadorian football referees: “We hereby inform you that the referees and assistant referees FIFA of the First Category Serie A and B of Ecuadorian football they have decided to paralyze their refereeing activities, refusing to direct the LigaPro championship matches, in both series ”. (D)