Ligue 1: Does PSG mock Madrid ‘a la Bale’?: “Wales, football, PSG Academy… in this order”

Updated 01/20/2022 - 11:35 Rthere are still 26 days to start the eliminatory of Champions League Round of 16between Real Madrid and Paris Saint-G

01/20/2022 –

Rthere are still 26 days to start the eliminatory of Round of 16between and Paris Saint-Germain… but the curiosity does not stop growing.

The move to the quarterfinals, the renewal or possible transfer of Mbappé, the poor institutional relations between the two clubs due to the Super League… are creating a ‘breeding ground’ that is increasing.

As if that were not enough, Paris Saint-Germain has added “more fuel to the fire” with the publication of an article in English in its weekly bulletin. The title is a sarcastic allusion to the already famous banner that wore to celebrate passing to Euro 2020: “Wales, golf, Madrid, in this order”.

“Wales, football, Academy, in this order”, headlines Paris Saint-Germain in what, obviously, can be interpreted as a ‘zasca’ towards Real Madrid.

The title has nothing to do with the tone of the article, where the Parisian club ‘boasts’ the recent opening of the PSG Academy Caerphilly, just outside Cardiff, for boys and girls from 8 to 15 years old.

“We are very proud of the progress of the Academy. This opening in Wales is a new adventure. This is a country passionate about football. We are honored and excited to offer Welsh children the opportunity to discover the Parisian training methodology. After this first step, our goal will be to extend our presence to another four or five areas in Wales,” said Alex Harrap, founder of the PSG Academy in the United Kingdom.

“This camp marks a new stage in our international development. There are already 15 countries that host our programs. Our goal is not only to train players, but also to share our technical knowledge with qualified local coaches. that will provide the training methodology of Paris Saint-Germain,” says Nadia Benmokhtar, international director of the PSG Academies.

PSG says it’s not a joke about Madrid

PSG sources point out that they have not made the campaign to laugh at Real Madrid. Their intention was to have visibility in Wales, the country where they have opened the academy, and for this they have used a touch of humor with a reference to Gareth Bale. The intention of the Parisian club, they maintain, has never been to attack Real Madrid.