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Ligue 1: The fall to hell of Neymar

Lto stage of at PSG is coming to an end. This has been reported by RMC, which states according to its sources that the Parisian team has made the decision to sell their ’10’ and that, for the first time this summer, the 30-year-old Brazilian crack would have accepted that his stay in the Parque de los Prncipes is coming to an end.

Neymar, who came to PSG from Barcelona in the summer of 2017 for 222 million eurosthe most expensive transfer in the history of football, would be looking for a destination despite the fact that his contract with PSG will be automatically extended until 2027 from July 1, something that does not seem to be an obstacle to his departure, since club and player would have reached the point in common that the best thing for both parties is to separate their paths.

Harsh words from Al-Khelafi

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The words of Al Khelafi to Le Parisien when he was questioned about the Brazilian 10 did not sit well with the former Barcelona player. “A possible exit of Neymar this summer? What I can tell you is that we hope that all players do much more than last season“, affirmed the president of PSG, some words that have been able to penetrate deeply into a player who knows that he has not performed at his best level this past 2021-22, in which he played a total of 28 games and scored 13 goals between all the competitions, figures quite far from what should be expected from the one who was called to occupy the throne of Christian and Messi when he arrived in Paris in 2017.

According to RMC Sport, Neymarand unlike what happened in other seasons, I had no plans to leave Paris this summerprior to the dispute of a capital World Cup for him and for Brazil, but the internal renewal that PSG is undergoing and, in addition, the elevation of mbpp to the star status of the team, ahead of the Argentine and the Brazilian, have been too powerful for Ney to accept his departure from the team, now coached by Galtier replacing Pochettino.

A visit to Paris that has not been the desired one

Neymar arrived at PSG as a shining star and maximum exponent of the multimillion-dollar Parisian project of Qatar in European football. In 2017, Ney agreed to leave Barcelona to become the spearhead of a project to which, at the same time as him, Mbapp joined, in 2017, in one of the busiest summers in memory in terms of signings. The trajectories of both, however, have been totally opposite.

Five years after their signings, Neymar has gone into the background in Paris and Mbapp has been the player for whom the board and the sports management of the Parisian team have really fought to get his renewal millionaire and prevent his transfer to Real Madrid.

Those acts, justified in sports, where year after year PSG has failed in the Champions League -except for the 2020 final- and even where it has seen that the Lille I took the League away from him two seasons ago, with Neymar already in the team, they have ended up causing the team’s great star to be mbpp ahead of Neymar. To simplify, at PSG they believe that the time has come to leave behind the stage of Neymar -the past- and focus on mbppconsidered the future of the club and world football.

For all this, and always according to RMC, Neymar has accepted his departure from PSG in this summer market, an exit that will not be easy, since there are not so many teams that can bear the cost of a millionaire transfer and on which the figure of the player does not seem to ensure a great performance on the pitch, according to what has been seen in recent years in Paris.

Manchester United, Chelsea and even Newcastle appear in the list of possible buyers, although the race to sign Neymar just getting started. The divorce between player and PSG is already complete.

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From being the great star and reference of the project, to be considered on the exit ramp of PSG. The fall to hell of Neymar in Paris is already a fact.

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