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List of winners of the golf tournament in Campestre

One of the most important and striking sporting events in this Festival de Calaveras 2021 was the golf tournament organized by the Aguascalientes Country Club, since almost 360 local and regional players participated.
This event began last Tuesday with the first exit of the lower categories, then on Wednesday the professionals began their way through this tournament, on Thursday the lower category returned and on Friday the regular phase ended with the second day of the most outstanding.
Last Saturday a final day of activities was held with the most outstanding of each category, in order to define each of the winners, who were awarded on Saturday night at a great awards dinner held at the Marriott Hotel.
Within the Championship category, the winner was Manuel Lavin de la Riva with a total of 212, sharing the podium with Juan Manuel de Luna with 220 and Juan Pablo Colín with 223; the first two are local golfers from the club and the third is a golfer from Guadalajara.
In the “AA” category, the champion was the Zacatecan Antonio Sandoval with a total of 228, beating Luis de la Cruz from Pulgas Pandas and Mauricio Bejarano from San Gil. Regarding category “A”, the podium was made up of José Miguel Macías from Campestre Aguascalientes, Fernando Ortiz from Zacatecas and Gustavo Lara Aguilar from Pulgas Pandas.
Within category “B”, the most outstanding were Javier Romero, Juan Jesús Durán and Aquiles Lozano, in category “C” the most outstanding were Diego Papadimitruo, Federico González and Gerardo de la Concha, while, in the category of Ladies, the winners were Pilar Martínez, Karla Ventura and Rosario Ávila de Santos, all of them from Aguascalientes.
As for the results you hear, José Adrián Trejo was the winner of hole # 4 by leaving his ball only 17 cm, Daniel Cortina was the winner of today’s # 8 with a distance of 49 cm, Óscar Arellano took the first prize from hole # 12 with 39 cm and, finally, Israel Cárdenas was only 10 cm from hole in one at # 16.

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