Liverpool vs. Real Madrid: the fourteenth is already in Madrid – Soccer

Real Madrid won its fourteenth title of European champion by defeating Liverpool of England 1-0 with the goal converted by Vinicius in the second h

Real Madrid won its fourteenth title of European champion by defeating Liverpool of England 1-0 with the goal converted by Vinicius in the second half.

May 28, 2022 – 17:32

5:31 p.m. Full Time

5:28 p.m. Change in Real Madrid

Enter Rodrygo for Vinicius

17:27. Five more minutes will be played

5:25 p.m. Change in Real Madrid

Luka Modric leaves for the entry of Dani Ceballos

17:20 Change in Real Madrid

Camavinga replaces Uruguayan Valverde

5:18 p.m. Courtois to the corner

Salah’s entrance and again Courtois appears to deflect the ball

17:17. Keita, outside

Center back from Firmino and Keita shot wide

5:13 p.m. Changes in Liverpool

Naby Keita and Roberto Firmino enter, Jordan Henderson and Thiago Alcántara leave

5:10 p.m. Alexander–Arnold finial

Trent Alexander-Arnold tried with a shot from outside the area

5:05 p.m. Another Courtois appearance

Played from the left of Liverpool, the ball went in the direction of Salah, but Courtois appeared to clear

17:04. Corner kick for Liverpool

The Reds press for an equalizer and have a corner kick in their favour.

5:01 p.m. Change in Liverpool

Diogo Jota enters to replace Luis Díaz

4:59 p.m. Salah’s shot

Mohamed Salah made the diagonal from the right to the middle, finished off the goal and Courtois deflected the ball

4:57 p.m. Booked Fabinho

After a strong entry on Valverde, the Brazilian Fabinho is reprimanded

4:54 p.m. Real Madrid goal

Vinicius popped up behind the Liverpool defense to score after some fine play from Federico Valverde down the right.

4:48 p.m. They split the position

In the second half the position of the ball is more divided although Liverpool continues a little better and arrives with more risk

4:42 p.m. Liverpool first arrival

The English recovered the ball and came through Alexander-Arnold from the right, the center to the middle and Carbajal beat Díaz who entered with danger

4:41 p.m. The second half begins

4:24 p.m. End of the first half

4:21 p.m. Three more minutes will be played

4:18 p.m. Real Madrid goal disallowed

Karim Benzema scores for Real Madrid, but after a long VAR review, the referee cancels the goal

4:11 p.m. Corner kick for Madrid

Vinicius played from the left and Henderson appeared to send the ball to the corner

16:09. Free kick for Liverpool

Foul on Diaz and there will be a free kick for Liverpool. Madrid controlled the English more because when they have the ball they don’t give it easily

4:00 p.m. Madrid tries to leave

Real Madrid tries to get out of the harassment of Liverpool that seems to rest a bit after the pressure it put on in the first minutes

3:56 p.m. mane stick

Sensational play by Sadio Mané who finished off the goal, Courtois touched slightly and the ball hit the post

3:54 p.m. Another arrival from Liverpool

The English touch the ball well against a Madrid that cannot cut the connections between the reds, Alexander-Arnold finished up

3:51 p.m. Courtois saves Madrid

Overflow to the right and center to the middle where Salah was, who finished off and the Madrid goalkeeper took off in a great way

3:49 p.m. Liverpool quickly recover the ball

Liverpool quickly recover the ball and attack, so far it has reached the Madrid area and the defenders are sure to get the ball and make Vinicius play behind Alexander-Arnaold

3:44 p.m. Liverpool has more the ball

The English have more of the ball against Madrid, which is not in a hurry to come out to press and when it can, it enables Vinicius, who is the most dangerous of the meringues

3:39 p.m. Liverpool try to impose their game

Liverpool began wanting to impose their game and applying high pressure with great intensity. Madrid tries to reach Vinicius with long balls.

3:36 p.m. The match started

3:32 p.m. Teams enter the field of play

Liverpool and Real Madrid are already on the pitch at Saint Denis to play the Champions League final

3:22 p.m. The show of the singer Camila Cabello begins

The singer of Cuban origin Camila Cabello with the show prior to the start of the match

3:04 p.m. problems continue

The inconveniences continue outside the stadium, some fans try to enter with false tickets, everything is delayed.

2:54 p.m. Incidents delay the start of the match

Incidents between fans of Real Madrid and Liverpool cause the final to be delayed 15 minutes, the start time will be at 15:15.