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Logan Paul, who never won a fight: “I’m the best boxer on YouTube”

Lyou Paul brothers have never been characterized by their humility, although Jake Paul usually frank and Logan he is usually the more reserved of the two.

This week, however, the eldest of the Paul brothers has raised eyebrows with an outlandish claim about his prowess. It must be remembered that, unlike his brother, logan paul He has never won a match.

“Now I’m seeing how the landscape unfolds and I have no wins, but I’m hungry and I really want to get back in the ring,” Logan said on his own podcast ‘Impaulsive‘.

“If I didn’t think I was the best, I wouldn’t do anything in life”

“I’m seeing how my peers do it and, by the way, if I didn’t think I was the best I wouldn’t do anything in life.

“In my head I have to be number one because if I don’t believe it, how the hell is anyone going to believe it? That’s what I believe, but of course I respect some of the great individuals in this vertical.

Logan Paul is hungry to make a mark in WWE

“I’m hungry, I’m training for the WWE again too, but I go in waves and pursue certain quests and WWE is becoming very real to me now,” the now-wrestler commented.

A series of YouTubers have immersed themselves in boxing, none with more success than Logan’s brother, Jake, who has now become a professional boxer.

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